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    We created Cluster to bring together influential voices online to discuss different aspects of lifestyle. Cluster’s contributors are either experts or avid enthusiasts in their field. They all have in common a strong passion. They are intelligent, well-versed and shaped by their experiences both locally and globally.


    Through their unique point-of view and original content, we hope you can learn, experience and be part of their personal stories that are constantly evolving. We want Cluster’s articles to spark your passion, move you and encourage you to make an impact in this world.


    We want to be your go-to lifestyle reference website. We believe in giving you raw, personal and authentic articles by credible personalities to inform and inspire you; as you pursue your own passions, find purpose and create your own individualized lifestyles. 


    We created this online space to connect you with influencers, visionaries and tastemakers. To host conversations about what interests you. And to break physical and digital boundaries. 


    In this digital world, we are one cluster. Here, we believe in finding your individual voices and dissolving barriers. We understand your lifestyle is what you want it to be. Like us, we know you have your own ideas about lifestyle and we want to hear about it.


    Hence, we want you to be part of our “Life, shared”. 


    We hope you will enjoy reading our articles here as we do creating them.


    Welcome to Cluster! 




    Jenny Rockett



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