• 5-Steps: The Braided Updo

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    When I was a kid, I recall loving my hair to get braided.


    One, it meant my hair was long enough for it to be braided (my hair was always cut chin-length short like a doll, despite my protests). Two, all the pretty little ladies in class wore either braided pigtails or the perfect French plait, weaved in the morning by their mothers or their adoring yayas.


    Finally, the best part, I would get excited about unraveling the braids at the end of the day. Once unbraided, the tresses would loosen into perfect waves, often into little wave surprises that made you feel like a princess; or, if it was extra frizzy, an edgy cool chic. It was the 90's after all, and crimping was very much the cool thing!  (Thought: do you think crimping ever be a trend again?)


    Braids are having it's crowning at the moment lately; thanks largely to Beyonce who popularized the modern weave. She brought the hair braid is back in the beauty vernacular, ranging today from the modern African-American weave to the half ponytail side braids to the easy laissez-faire kind, the just-woke-up-to-hair-like -this type.


    When I met makeup artist Christine Mamailo, I had heard that she was a queen braider. So when we envisioned this story, we wanted to show the latter: how braided tresses can look natural, feminine and versatile enough to be worn casually or formally -- but still very easy to achieve.


    I love these braids because , in the same time you blow dry your hair, you can achieve beautiful tresses which will get you remembered at your next meeting, date or formal event.



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    Photo & Graphics: Jerferson Permejo

    Makeup & Hair: Christine Mamalio

    Styling: Merry Chris

    Production: Alvin Chua



    5 Steps to Achieve Day-To-Night Braids:


    1. Divide hair on your head into 3 parts. Use your eyebrow line as a reference.

    2. Start French braiding the middle part until you reach the crown of your head, then a normal braid until you reach ends of the hair. Repeat with left and right parts (If you don't know how to do a French braid, see here)

    3. Make 1 grand braid from the three weaves.  Fasten with a hair tie.

    4. Tuck in the grand braid underneath, towards the nape. Secure with bobby pins.

    5. Finish look by pulling loose hair to frame face and create volume.


    Note: You may need some assistance with the French braids.



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    What kind of braids do you like to do?