• 50 Shades of Olaplex

    Beauty • By Jenny Rockett • 08/02/2017 • 0 comments

    Photo: Tat Leong


    I read somewhere once that goes something like this: You can change how the world sees you simply by changing your hair. Before your face, your hair is the first thing one sees and its color evokes a feeling. That is an extremely powerful because, through the  shape and color of your hair, you can communicate different psychological states, who you want to be or where you are at in your life. I never looked at hair the same again.


    Last October, I thought it was time to shake off my usual indifference towards my hair and give my mane a little life by highlighting it before a trip to New York -- the kind of place that inspires change and exploration. I used to live in this city and I wanted to return to it a little different,  seven years older (hopefully wiser) and with a little color to uplift my look.  While I wasn't willing to go for a big image change, I wanted something new, fresh and uniquely me today, as I reconnect with the city, take in the old sights and see friends.


    For my hair color, I decided on warm caramel highlights that frame my face and heavier streaking underneath my mane for a little, subtle surprise. Fully understanding the damaging effects of color/bleach on your hair, I agreed to color my hair with the help of Olaplex, the additive process that strengthens and protects your hair from hair treatment and coloring damage. Thanks to the wonderful hair colorist and Olaplex educator Onnie Revilla, I also decided to smoothen my hair with the Brazilian Blowout Treatment, the amazing process that eliminates frizz and maximizes shine.







    I was curious and excited to see what Olaplex could do for me because I had been reading about the praises online of the hair treatment. Celebrity hair colorists Tracey Cunnigham and Guy Tang strongly they profess their love for this treatment to achieve their amazing hair color creations, and I wanted to see what the buzz was all about. Olaplex is a "bond multiplier" that allegedly "reconnects broken disulphide sulfur bonds in the hair, which helps to maintain the strength, structure and integrity of the hair". In short, it makes coloring your hair safe -- and well, fun. 


    So how is it applied? Olaplex is a three-step process hair treatment:


    1) Olaplex No. 1 - protects hair from damage (applied at the salon)
    2) Olaplex No. 2 - re-links broken bonds in hair (applied at the salon)
    3) Olaplex No. 3 - maintains protection from blow drying, curling and chemical services (applied at home) 


    Depending on the length of your hair, it can take 2-4 hours in the salon depending on the length of your hair.  


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    Photo: Tat Leong 



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    My thoughts?  It's an excellent investment for anyone who colors her hair often or wants to color without the risk. It is pricey and the process does take long (4 hours for Olaplex, 4 hours for Brazilian Blowout for long hair!), but it's a must for anyone who wants to bleach their hair or use extremely damaging chemical services. Four to 6 weeks later, my hair color kept its luster, without the "brassy" disintegration that happens when you wear color too long.


    Just one important thing to remember: like with any hair treatment or color, always use a sulphate-free shampoo.




    Photo: Tat Leong Photography

    Makeup: Tamami Mihara

    Hair: Olaplex, Brazilian Blowout, Elgon Hair Color, Beauty Lane Manila

    Location: New York