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    How old you look is, of course, largely genetics. As Asians or Eurasians, we have it pretty good thanks to the extra melanin in our skin. Our DNA is just built to handle sun better than our Caucasian counterparts because, as tropical islanders, our skin as Filipinos over hundreds of centuries has acclimated to equatorial conditions.


    But the other part of looking young -- I would say the bigger part -- is how you take care of your skin early on. I attribute being able to slow the aging process to being aware early of preventive measures to aging. And to a consistent, effective routine.


    Until today, I still get carded at bars. At my early-thirties (*gasp! I feel old), I am still refused entry to some bars abroad because I look under their 18+/21+ age requirement. (I don't have a driver's license. And who carries a passport all the time anyway?). I have also not been taken seriously in corporate settings because I've been mistaken as an intern. So, looking on the younger-side is a bittersweet situation, being both flattering and inconvenient.


    While I do see more fine lines under my eyes and around the corners of my smile, especially over the last 3 years,  I generally feel lucky and blessed to generally look younger than my age. 


    Here are 5 anti-aging lessons I've learned over the years to prevent the signs of ageing:

    1. Understand your skin - Is it dry? Oily? Combo? Find products appropriate for your skin type and use products with good ingredients to combat your skin issues. It does not need to be luxury branded, it just needs to be effective. 

    2. ALWAYS moisturize, nightly. Use products on just on your face, but also on areas that show the first signs of agiing such as your neck and hands. Focus on these areas as these are the areas that will minimize looking aged. 

    3. Exersise. Studies show that exercise not only keeps your energy levels high (research), but it is also good for your skin. Read my previous post for more on that. If you still don't believe me and want to read the hard science, you can read it here!

    4. Wear sunscreen during the day, eye cream at night. Protect yourself from sun damage, ALWAYS. I cannot stress this enough. Wear sunscreen, rain or shine. You have heard it before and I will reiterate: the sun is the no. 1 cause of ageing skin. Then, at night, moisturise your eyes and face to keep your skin hydrated and wrinkle-free. A good eye cream is probably what you want to invest on. 

    5. Start preventive measures early. This is probably the most important anti-aging lesson I have learned. It is easier to maintain good healthy skin, then to have to fix/correct it. 



    Would love to hear what you do for your anti-aging regimen! Comment below and let me know if you have questions, too. :) 


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