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    Google "Eyebrow History", and you will see how the little fur above our eyes (or lack thereof) has characterized various eras.


    Brows have changed in shape, form and thickness from time immemorial -- from Cleopatra's perfectly arched brows in Ancient Egypt; Grace Kelly's defined arch of the 1940s; Madonna's barely-there brows of the 1990s; to Cara Delevingne's full, bold brow of today. Surely, our idea of brow beauty has changed (and continues to do so). But our obsession with the furry arches as the predominant "frame" and characterization of our faces remain.


    Today, I love that the bushy, untweezed au naturale brow is the "no makeup-makeup" look of eyebrows; aka "brows on fleek" or brows on point. The hair overgrowth on the arches is imperfect and natural, which I am completely and unabashedly all for. At the same time, it's also a strong statement of a woman's individuality, confidence and strength.




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    When I got my hands on Benefit Cosmetics' new brow collection, I decided I wanted to give it a try. Little was I aware, Benefit has been creating brow products since it started in 1976. My eyebrows are naturally relatively thick already, and  I've been incredibly blessed to have low maintenance brows.  But for this story I wanted to thicken my arches further and prove, with strong brows, you need very little makeup to compensate for the rest of the face. 



    So, how do you achieve perfectly groomed arches?


    1) Analyze. Understand your face shape and the natural shape of your eyebrows. Where is it thick? Thin? What are the outlier hairs that stray away from the arch? Tip: tilt chin down looking at a mirror and identify the bend of your eye brow arches. Pay attention to the stray-away strands.


    2) Tweeze minimally, with purpose. Comb upwards from the base and out. Any brow brush will do. With every pluck, be sure you are removing only the hairs that distract from the arch. If in doubt, don't tweeze.


    3) Emphasize. First, define the arch by combing with an eyebrow brush. (I like to use a metal brush to get the extra definition). Second, using a brow pencil like Benefit Cosmetic's Goof Proof Pencil to fill in the sparse areas. From the inside-side of your brows, come them upwards and outwards; leaving a feathered brow-line.


     IMG 0265 Exposure4

    From L to R: High Brow Glow highlighting pencil, Brow Zings shaping kit,

    Jo Malone Cologne, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler,

    ka-BROW! cream-gelGimme Brow volumizing fiber gel



    You can get Benefit Cosmetics' Brow collection at Sephora Philippines. Stay tuned for my exclusive interview with one of the Benefit Cosmetics founders coming soon! 





    Photography: Steven Soriano

    Makeup: Iann Monzon

    Styling: Krista Penafuerte


    Note: This is an unsolicited post, but I was gifted Benefit Cosmetics products

    when I visited their San Francisco office last June 2016. 


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