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    My approach to beauty and wellness has always been a holistic one. When you're healthy and have a positive outlook, you will look better. Period. No amount of makeup will hide the lack of sleep you've been getting.  Yes, it's no secret that exersizing regularly helps your body look and feel good, meanwhile keeping your cardiovascular health up. But an active lifestyle can also help you achieve better skincare.


    When I was in San Diego recently, I also had the opportunity to do some hiking. We hiked some short trails near the beach.  It was hot and I was sweating. But I knew I could use a little Vitamin D to refresh my mind which had been racing with thoughts between work in Manila and packing for the impending long road trip we were going to embark on.


    Under that scorching California afternoon sun, the hike got me thinking about an active lifestyle and its effect on beauty. I had just finished reading an excellent book Spark by John Ratey on how the fitness impacts your brain. The book makes a very convincing case about the infinitely positive effects of physcial activity on your brain. A new U.S. study also recently came out on how fitness is worth $2500 of your savings -- mainly from reduced health costs.


    But what exactly are the benefits of fitness on your skin?



    Blood circulation during exercise helps skin regenerate and remove toxins efficiently. During high-metabolic activity, your blood carries oxygen to your skin and removes toxins, such as free radicals, from your body.



    After the sun, stress is the biggest contributor to ageing skin. But with exercise, the levels of cortisol -- aka the "stress hormone" -- are decreased and your body relaxes. At the same time, endorphins -- aka the "happy hormone" are released.



    Having a toned body will not only make you look younger overall, but help you prevent sagging skin. Remember that we lose muscle mass as we get older, so it's good to have some light-weight training in your regimen.



    Think beauty sleep after a big workout: your skin is an organ and it also needs its rest, which fitness facilitates. When you get your 8-hours of recommended  sleep, your skin will thank you for it.




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    One important caveat is to ALWAYS wear sunblock when you exersize, as high sun exposure will negate any benefits of fitness on your skin. Any sunblock  above SPF 30 will do;  just be sure you apply it at least 20 minutes before you leave your home. 


    Hope this encourages you to keep moving! 


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