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    What's your favorite part of Halloween?


    Mine is the prep time before trick-o-treatin' and the costume parties because you can get really creative with your makeup skills. I do my own makeup -- often, it's a last-minute and ad-hoc attempt to put something together on the day itself!


    The makeup is an essential part of the costume: it can make or break the look and sometimes it's the focal point of the character. So, this year, I decided I wanted to look into Halloween makeup ideas that might be interesting to replicate. Moreover, I looked into Halloween makeup looks that are timely and relevant in 2016.


    But before that, below is look back over the years of my different makeup looks during Halloween/costume parties.  (I'm so glad I found them for your because I thought these Halloween mementos were long lost from old / stolen / out-of-commission phones!) 





    Japanese Geisha (2011)


    IMG00179 20101030 2212



    IMG00185 20101031 56 


    007 Bond Girl (2013)


    IMG 291


    Little Devil (2014)


    IMG 8002


    Which came from a much earlier inspiration....


    IMG 7627 2




    Black Swan (2014)


    IMG 2880





    Batwoman (2015)


    (A last minute costume idea! This needs very minimal makeup.)


    IMG 2879



    ???? (2016)


     Will share this year's costume soon enough! ;-)


    Keep posted on my instagram page @jenrockett.  



    Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2016:  


    If those were not enough, here are a few more to get your Pinterest and YouTube searches started: 



    Harley Quinn


    Harley Quinn

    Photo: Pinterest 





    Rag Doll 


    Rag Doll

    Photo: Pinterest 




    Pokemon Go! 



    Pokemon go2          Pokemon go4

    Photos: Pinterest 






    Harajuku Girl



    Harajuku Girl5v            Harajuku Girl4          

    Photos: Pinterest





    Butterfly Filter


    Butterfly Filter 

    Photo: Pinterest 




    For Halloween ideas for men, take a look at Graham Caygill's hilarious post here

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