• How To Be A Better Beauty Traveler

    Beauty • By Jenny Rockett • 01/08/2016 • 0 comments

    What type of beauty traveler are you?


    Type A – Prepared for Anything-Packer: Brings her full skincare and cosmetic beauty pack with her. Possibly transfers products into travel-sized bottles, but not always.  Must bring her preferred brand of beauty products. Hey, what if there is a special occasion or you’re traveling somewhere particularly remote?


    Type B – Swiss Army Rat-Packer: Brings a very abridged version of her beauty pack. Often leaves items out of the kit and transfers essential products in travel-sized tubes, bottles and small containers. Hotel or guest-stay shampoos, soaps and lotions are the best weight-savers and often hordes them for their next trip.



    Over the years and with stricter travel restrictions, I have gravitated more of the latter variety, Type B.


    I’ve returned home from too many trips thinking, Did I really need that large tube of toothpaste?…. or Geez, my shoulders are killing me….or worse, just really upset because my new Limited Edition Beauty Oil (still boxed) is confiscated at airport security and chucked into a nearby bin, before I could even process why I bought anything above 100ml. Cry.


    So sure, I wasn’t always the ideal TSA-approved beauty traveler. And there are still a lot of products I need to have with me, for long trips. To make up for this, I follow these self-guidelines:


    1) Create a Travel Pack, which you only use solely for trips – I prefer a small transparent travel pack wherein you can see everything at once. I tailor it to the type of trip I am doing, but all the essentials are there and re-stocked when needed. 


    2) Bring multi-use beauty products – such as an eye palette over individual eye shadow pots; a BB cream infused with SPF, moisturizer; a lip conditioner that doubles as wound or bug ointment; tea tree oil for pimples, cuts, wounds; and so on.


    3) Horde samples – they’re free and they’re almost always perfectly sized for travel.



    Below is an example of some of the items I brought on my recent U.S. road trip:  


    0X302449 copy Exposure

     Products (from left to right): 


    MAC Mineralize Natural, Chanel BB Primer, L'Oreal Lipstick - Crayon Sunset, Rosebud Salve, RMK Foundation 203, Tweezman Tweezers, Estee Lauder Mixed Palette, Makeup Brushes, Benefit Roller Lash, Estee Lauder Modern Muse Scent, Tea Tree Oil, YSL Highlighter, Bobbi Brown Art Stick, Shu Eumura Eyelash Curler, Tangle Tweezer Brush, Dental Floss, Benefit Puff Off, Clinique Sunblock, Clinique BB cream, Shiseido Sublock, Japanese Paper Blotter. 



    Write down comments below and share with me your beauty travel tips! :)