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    We all get them and sometimes in the most inopportune times. A pimple can pop up to say hello and can ruin any person’s day and take a toll on a person’s self esteem. If one pimple isn’t bad enough, imagine how suffering with bad acne can feel? Whether it is a pimple due to stress, bad personal hygiene, hormones etc. Here are some tips on treating acne without scarring and ultimately preventing future breakouts:



    1.  Always wash your face at least twice a day. Morning and especially at night before sleeping. Keeping the pores clean and free of dirt. If your skin is more oil prone, try an extra wash mid afternoon to clean off excessive oil and sweat. Too much oil can cause breakouts.



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    2. Exfoliate your skin. With our busy schedules, it would be ideal to make time at least once a week to exfoliate the skin (maybe on a Saturday or Sunday night at home. And sneak in a 20-minute mask) No need to press too hard, just lightly exfoliating will do wonders for the skin. This will remove the top layer of dead skin cells, environmental dirt, sweat/oil and makeup residue.



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    3. Use blemish ointment. So what can you do if a smaller pimple shows up and you need to treat it on your own? First of all, do not pop them. This will only inflame the skin and the area popped will create a hole in the skin and therefore become a scar/indentation in the skin. For milder acne, I would suggest getting a topical of either (or both) benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.  Benzoyl peroxide will fight all kinds of acne from blackheads and red pimples. While salicylic acid, the acid will help to fight the existing breakout and unclog pores.


    Another topical that can be used at the same time is Clindamycin. This is an antibacterial and this will help to kill the bacteria in the breakout. For the more severe pimples (big, red painful ones) these kind are called cystic acne. These are very painful and can start underneath the skin or just appear and once messed with can leave permanent scars. I would suggest a retinol/retin A to treat these. Every night apply a small amount just on the pimple to dry it out and reduce size.




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    4. Visit your dermatologist. A trip to the derma will benefit if you are uncertain on what to do at home and just need help. They will recommend the right treatments and topical to use in your skin care routine. I would recommend going for a facial, diamond peel or chemical peel. Facials are basically masks and exfoliating and the derma can unclog pores/remove blackheads and if needed inject an unwanted pimple that won’t go away. Diamond peels (aka microdermabrasion) is basically a machine that will exfoliate the skin and a chemical peel will peel the skin.




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    5. Chemical peels are a great way of evening tone/texture of the skin. It can dramatically lighten and remove sun and age spots (fade fine lines) and I highly recommend this if you are suffering from acne scars. This will lighten the acne scars and eventually after a series of peels (1 every 6-8 weeks) the indentations won’t be as deep and your skin will be smooth again. I can personally say this worked for me.



    -Michelle Paloma
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