• Lazy Day Top Knot

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    I often have lazy hair days.  Not the kind where you don't want to blow dry or iron; I mean the really lazy kind when you just really don't want to deal with your hair. When anything you do to your hair, anyway, just makes a hopeless marginal difference.


    With the rainy season on -- and the frizzies and flyaways out -- the top knot has been my choice of everyday hairdo since time immemorial. Why? It's extremely simple, looks naturally effortless and, well, just chic.


    When I was working  for the non-profit Asia Society, I was extremely busy managing projects that I often didn't have time to fix my hair for client meetings. I would bring a coat to wear to seem a tad more professional. But that would just be negated by the fluffy, unruly long bob I wore on my head -- no matter how much the tresses were fixed in the morning.


    The quick fix was a top knot. I later learned it was so versatile I could also transition into post-work drinks or evenings out with it. It was also the best hair updo on hot, unbearable humid days  to keep my shoulders exposed and free to catch any breeze of air.


    One trick to get a good knot is to spritz the ends with some anti-humidity frizz spray.  Another is to flip your head down and gather the ponytail there, before you start the knot.


















     Watch closely -- here's the easiest top knot, step-by-step: 

    Messy Bun sm slow 



    Photography: Adrian Evangelista

    Editing: Jenny Rockett

    Makeup: Jenny Rockett


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