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    Beauty • By Jenny Rockett • 01/06/2016 • 0 comments

    It’s strange writing about “beauty”. Who has the authority to say something is beautiful anyway? Isn’t “beauty” subjective? I certainly never considered myself an expert on the topic; in fact, when I was asked to write about the subject for Cluster I recommended somebody else who had the proper beauty training as a makeup artist, a published makeup book and had provided several talks on the subject. 


    While I’ve endorsed beauty products for brands for over 10 years, I’m not a makeup artist. Nor was I ever truly a beauty product-hoarder like other people I knew. I just know what products I like, what works well for me.


    Growing up, I liked playing with colors, creams and different products in beautiful bottles, and seeing the effect they would have on one’s skin. How a little eye glimmer would open and bring a sparkle to your eyes, for example. How ever-so carefully tweezing individual hair-strands from your lower eyebrows created arches, which provide the frame and windows to your eyes. It was so fascinating.



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    Then later, I would do several beauty editorials and beauty campaigns around Asia. I wasn’t tall, suffered from chronic rosacea and often had bouts of terrible breakouts through young adulthood. But as a fair-skinned Eurasian (a desired look in Asia at the time) and a strong commitment to my craft, financial independence and my own personal challenge, I booked beauty work and created somewhat a niche for myself. I booked several fly-in work across Asia, especially for banks, property developments and luxury products, particularly beauty brands.


    I still love watching makeup artists at work, transforming my face into a chameleon different looks, while casually talking about cult favorite brands, new products, travel and our lives. Makeup is a process and a conversation, and each individual session is never the same from the last.  Watching them closely, I started to learn how to use some of the tools of the trade, discovering what worked and what didn’t, what beauty products were worth buying and what weren’t.



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    In 2010, I decided to model full-time around Asia so I could pursue a Master’s degree. I lived in unbelievably small, tiny shoebox apartments -- and one suitcase. So, every beauty product purchase was carefully vetted, often had multiple cosmetic purposes and had to be worth every peso of hard-earned savings.


    That’s when the careful analysis and early beauty reviews began.


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    Today, what excites me about makeup is its transformative nature. When used well, makeup has the magic ability to bring out the intrinsic beauty within. To make a woman just a little more confident and express her personality while she pursues her career, work and dreams. 


    I've always been about good skin, before makeup. I've also always had a deep appreciation for simple, natural and effective beauty products. Moreover, I am a strong believer in the holistic approach of beauty, which includes a woman's diet, fitness, mental health as well as a science-based approach to skincare.


    For my column, you can expect to read about the following: 

    - Beauty editorials

    - History, influences and references of beauty

    - Makeup How-To's for Filipinos

    - Beauty Tutorials

    - Thoughts on Filipino ingredients, Australian products and global skincare


    Please also tell me what you'd like to read about -- I'm always open to your suggestions!


    Looking forward to sharing my beauty journey with you very soon. 






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