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    I first met model and beauty endorser Michelle Paloma one afternoon in Hong Kong, many years back when we were still modelling there. Sans makeup, with a bubbly and friendly charm, Michelle looked like porcelain doll with long, raven-black hair. She was your ultimate poster hair model / beauty girl, and had no lack of TV commercials, beauty campaigns, property ads and regional work in the Philippines and elsewhere to show for it.  


    Today, 7 years later, Michelle is still ageless as ever. She continues to be the kind of girl who needs very little kind of makeup; in fact, in my opinion, she's more beautiful without it.  I can't think of anyone with more radiant and flawless skin. I don't think I've ever seen a pore on her skin, let alone a pimple or blemish.  With her mom as a dermatologist, she also grew up understanding beauty and skincare from very early on, on a deeper level, and really understands what it takes to take care of your skin.


    I asked Michelle to share with you some of her top tips are for beautiful skin. Read her tips below!






    Beauty is feeling good about you. It is not being the most perfect person, but the most perfect you. Feeling beautiful is something we all want to feel and everyone has something that makes her beautiful. Like a painter, it is necessary to start with a great canvas. Having beautiful skin can be shown off with or without makeup. I would like to share my personal beauty tips/skin care routine for beautiful skin.


    HYDRATE - Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day. Staying hydrated will keep the skin supple.


    CLEANSE - Always wash your face at least twice a day. Morning and night. Never sleep with makeup on, as it won’t allow skin to breathe. Depending on your skin type, you can determine which facial cleanser will be best for you. I personally tend to be more on oily side and I also live in a humid country, so what I do is I cleanse twice. First to get off the top layer of dirt/oil/sunscreen/makeup. And second, to clean my pores more thoroughly.


    EYE CREAM - I would highly recommend using an eye cream. One that really hydrates the under eye. It helps reduce dark circles, puffiness and plump up fine lines. No matter your age, it is always better to start preventing.


    TONE - Always cleanse the face first before toning. What toner does is it locks in your pores to protect it from dirt/bacteria/pollution. Never apply toner on its own without cleansing because you will just lock in dirt and bacteria into the pores, which in turn will cause acne and blackheads.


    SERUM - Serums are more concentrated and mostly worn at night. They help to rejuvenate the skin and deliver more vitamins into the skin. This will help the skin stay youthful. I personally use a serum with vitamin C and E and these antioxidants help protect the skin and keep it firm and bright.


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    PROTECT - I also highly recommend wearing sunscreen everyday, at least SPF 30. If you wear makeup, try to use a primer or foundation that has SPF in it. Even on days that are cloudy/rainy, wear sunscreen, the UVB can penetrate through the clouds. The key is we want to prevent our skin from sun damage. i.e. Leathery skin, sun spots and age spots.

    MOISTURIZE - Depending on your skin type, you may use a moisturizer. I personally use my sunscreen as a moisturizer because I have oily skin. But in countries where the climate can get cold, moisturizer will help keep the skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles/fine lines/dryness.

    EXFOLIATE - It is very important to exfoliate the skin and there are a number of ways to do this. At home you can exfoliate the skin once a week, to get rid of dead skin cells, makeup residue and dirt. Or, you may opt for going to the dermatologist and trying a chemical peel or diamond peel. I personally do chemical peels 2x a year and this will help to lighten acne scars and even the tone/texture of the skin.

    BREATHE - I love wearing makeup, but I also love not wearing makeup. Most days I don’t wear makeup and just let my skin breathe.



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    ANTIOXIDANTS - I love antioxidants and highly believe in them. You can get them from eating fruits and also supplements such as glutathione, resveratrol and acai. They are not only healthy, but help to slow down the aging process.

    SLEEP - Getting plenty of rest helps the skin to rejuvenate itself and stay looking fresh.


    Everyone’s skin type is different; this is what I personally do. Hope I was able to help and clarify on any questions you might have had on what you should do in your skin care routine. 



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