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    The best advice I’ve ever been given was to start my anti-ageing regimen in my teens. Basically, to start thinking about how to keep your skin young protected and hydrated early on (see my thoughts in previous post).


    More brands understand this now, as they widen their target audience for products and market anti-ageing products to a younger audience and create products specifically for women in their twenties. Brands have targeted millennials for some time, while more than ever us women understand better and earlier what is good for our skin. (Thanks, Google).


    For me, I’ve been keeping a habit of keeping my skin protected and moisturized over the years with moisturizing. I’m not product-crazy, my skincare is very very simple. But I will confess I’m a little moisture-obsessed since my skin is on the drier side. I moisturize everything compulsively: face, hands, feet (before I sleep). Our skin is mostly composed of water, so keeping it moisturized helps to keep the skin’s integrity and elasticity. Even when you have oily skin, they tell you to moisturize.



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    It seems counterintuitive to moisturize in the Philippines where the weather is so humid. But as we age, our skin has an increasingly difficult time keeping the moisture in.


    I have learned that it’s important to add a serum to your regimen: cleanse, tone, serum* and moisturize. Why? Apparently, moisturizers are not 100% effective in moisturizing as they only add moisture to the upper layer of your skin. Serums, on the other hand, penetrate deeper into your skin and have stronger active ingredients that combat skin conditions. Serums can moisturize at a deeper level but they should always be topped with a moisturizer so that your lower and upper skin layers are fully quenched.


    Over the last 6 months, I’ve added to my nightly regimen Estée Lauder’s Advance Night Repair – aka ANR – and so far I’ve been really very pleased. I remember often seeing this product in the beauty counters growing up, but never knew what it actually does (hence, sharing some learnings on serums to you here). The ANR formula and packaging hasn’t changed much over the years, but that’s most likely because it doesn’t need to with its unapologetically winning formula and very dedicated loyal customer base.


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     Estée Lauder's has a range of ANR in different forms: eye cream, bottle and ampoules. 



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    Here’s are some thoughts on the product….


    1)   A little goes a long way. Even if it is on the expensive side, I use around 1-2 drops for my entire face and that seems to be enough. ANR is very viscous so its easy to spread easily.


    2)   Non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin. I use the product at night, but sometimes I wear it as a primer before makeup in the morning. It works really well under foundation and keeps my makeup on longer during the day.


    3)   It adds a glow to my face. I don’t have too many wrinkles yet but I feel the product is a good insurance against fine lines and the dreaded “crows feet”, those pesky lines that radiate from your eyes when you smile.


    Do you use a serum? What are your favorite ways to keep your face moisturized? 





    IMG 1133 copy

    Aside from the bottled ANR, the ampoules (left) are very handy for travel.

    I just take a few ampoules in a ziplock bag. 

    The are also more potent that the bottled form, so 1 ampoule is good for 1 use. 



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    Photography by Alvin Chua

    Make up by Charisma Vergara Tiangco




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