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    This holiday season, you're probably wearing a little more makeup than usual. When you get home, you have to remove that extra eye shadow, eyeliner and bright, festive lip color. But you find, you have to soap and wash your face twice, thrice -- and maybe even use a toner to remove the last traces of foundation and mascara, lest you wakeup the following day with panda eyes from smudged eyeliner or mascara! If you've ever had that experience, read on.


    With the parties abound, a really good cleansing water is essential in your bathroom arsenal. Enter my current favorite, micellar water. What is it? Micellar water is a cleansing water that is made up of "micelles" or electrically charged particles that gently lift makeup and other impurities. The tadpole-like microscopic micelles work like a magnet to attract and remove dirt, oil and other impurities from the skin. Got the science? Basically, it's an effective gentle cleanser you can use to remove dirt, oil and makeup.


    For years after shoots and events, I've been trying to find the best way to remove thick makeup gently, without rubbing out my eyes out into dark circles and leaving my overly sensitive skin an angry red.  (I have rosacea, so most alcohol-based toners and fragrance products irritate my skin.)  My first introduction to micellar water was Bioderma's famous Sensibio H2O. When I lived in Paris, all the French women swore by the efficacy and gentleness of micellar water, replacing tap water with a gentle wipe from a cotton pad doused in this water.


    Today, many of the major brands now have their own version of micellar water. I was pleased to learn Simple UK arrived in Manila this year because I've always been a fan of no-frills, effective and science-based products such as Simple UK, particularly those brands that do a few things but do them well. Being multi-awarded by Allure, Vogue and other beauty authorities, I was excited to give what Simple UK calls "UK #1's facecare brand" a try and see just how effective this brand of micellar water was.



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    My verdict: Simple UK micellar water does a good job cleansing, while leaving your skin hydrated and soft. While you still need to soap your face before and use an eye makeup cleanser to remove waterproof mascara, Simple UK worked well to remove oil and foundation.  Because it's alcohol- and soap-free, it didn't leave a burning or tightening sensation other products do on my sensitive skin. And I loved that I didn't have to add an extra step in my skincare regiment to rinse the product away after use.




    + cleanses dirt, oil and makeup

    + gentle, fragrance-free, anti-irritant

    + hydrates skin

    + nourishes skin with multi-vitamins

    + relatively inexpensive



    -doesn't remove waterproof makeup (use Simple UK's eye makeup remover for this)

    -too mild for those with oily or break-out skin




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    Available at Watson's, SM Department Store and select Mercury Drug stores.  


    Also available online at Beauty MNL

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