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    Did you know that your cells communicate with each other? They express and capture messages emitted by other cells or by the environment. To keep your skin radiant and young, this system of listening or cell receptivity must exist.  The cellular “listening system” is called "lipid microdomains" which are found on the cell’s membrane. As you age though, the skin has a harder time “hearing” messages from their environment and the communication breaks down.


    One such ingredient that protects your cell’s “listening system” thereby protecting it from the effects of ageing is turmerone. Tumerone is found in turmeric extract, the high-performing and beneficial antioxidant.


    The yellow mustard-like ingredient in your Indian food (think Indian yellow curry powder), Tumeric is found abundantly in the wild forests of South and Southeast Asia. Aside from the long list of health benefits you can find on a Google search of Tumeric (apparently it’s an exceptional daily supplement), the plant extract that is related to the ginger family is exceptional in protecting the “listening” abilities of your skin.




    Clarins Tumerone

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    With the discovery of tumerone and its high concentration of turmeric extract, Clarins reinvented one of its star products: the iconic Clarins Double Serum. The brand added tumerone to its list of 20 rigorously selected plant–based key ingredients that help the skin perform its 5 vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection. Tumerone helps protect the listening system or lipid microdomains, thereby optimizing the 5 vital functions’ proper functioning.


    On its 8th generation edition since 1985, Clarins Double Serum’s longevity and staple in women’s beauty cabinets stand the test of time thanks to its double formula inspired by biomimicry, the imitation of elements of nature. In the new edition, the Double Serum combines the water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients in a new smart double vial bottle and pump system, so that you can customize the amount of product used depending on the skins needs or the season.


    In honor of the best-selling serum, Rustan's The Beauty Source hosted a launch event for the re-formulated Clarins Double Serum at Manila House, BGC Taguig.  The new Double Serum formula is now available at Clarins beauty counters nationwide. 





    Rustan’s The Beauty Source launches the all-new Clarins Double Serum.






    The Double Serum contains 20 key ingredients:

    18 high-performing plant extracts and

    2 plant-based ingredients with a targeted action. 



    clarins 1


    Cheese spread at the event venue at Manila House, BGC Taguig.  





    Guests personalized their own Clarins boxes for their giveaways during the launch. 







    For the reveal, a special ballet performance lead the reveal of the new Clarins Double Serum. 






    Models approached to guests for them to try the new product.







    Rustan’s Ad & PR Specialist Angela Mercado, Clarins Education Manager Pamela Aguirre, Rustan’s Marketing and Communications Manager for Cosmetics Perfumes and Toiletries Division Jackie Avecilla, Rustan’s Division Manager for key brands under Cosmetics Perfumes and Toiletries Division April Marquez, Clarins Brand Manager Jobs Chan, Rustan’s advertising and PR manager Mica Agdamag, and Rustan’s Event Manager Alex Barreras 







    Clarins Brand Assistant Alex Tankeh, Clarins Brand Manager Jobs Chan, Rustan’s Division Manager for key brands under Cosmetics Perfumes and Toiletries Division April Marquez, and Clarins Education Manager Pamela Aguirre







    Jerika Ejercito and Cristal Bagatsing 







    Sunshine Yuchengco Puey and Popsie Elegir







    Martha Sta Barbara, Liz Lanuzo, and Nikki Tiu 







    Christina Bartges also known as DJ Badkiss 







    Cristal Bagatsing, Jenny Rockett, and Finina Tugade









    Camille Lhuillier 






    Angie Lhuillier







     Robina Marie Tan and Nina Paula Ng









    Rustan’s Jackie Avecilla and April Marquez 








    Grace Baja with her personalized Clarins Box 



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