• Being Among 100 Sexiest in Manila

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    Last March, I was asked by FHM Magazine to be their cover girl for the new concept of the magazine. I was stunned, surprised and scared, I asked myself “Me? Are they sure?”


    The cover was everything I envisioned: sophisticated, alluring yet still sexy. That cover meant that I was included in the running for the 100 sexiest women in the Philippines competition. It is based on online voting by fans of the magazine. As per typical Margo-style, I had no clue about this and only informed people to vote for me when it was already a few days before the closing.


    Despite this, I was so shocked to find out I had placed 50! Beating out a lot of celebrities who have a bigger following than myself, I was thrilled. I attended the magazine’s event FHM 100 Sexiest held at Valkyrie, BGC, in Manila – and what an event it was!


    I wore a beautiful gown created by the one and only fashion designer Rocky Gathercole. His creations have been worn by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and many more Hollywood celebs. He also was featured in America’s Next Top Model. So, I was honoured and beyond stoked to walk the red carpet wearing a gown by him. I felt the gown captured my personality, simple, classy with a bit of mystery.


    I walked on stage and was presented with flowers and a trophy as a souvenir of the memorable night.


    The event was a huge success and made a lot of noise among the internet crowd, as the winning sexiest woman Jessy Mendiola caused quite a stir with her speech when she was interviewed on stage by Roxanne Barcelo. But I don’t see the need to focus on that, I was just happy for all of the girls and got to spend time with my Happinas Happy Hour cast Daianna Menese and Abby Poblador, who also were included in the 100 sexiest.


    Check out my snaps from the event:




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    IMG 8057


    IMG 8403


    IMG 8013


    IMG 8086






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