• Benefit PH: 5th Anniversary

    Events & Entertainment • By Rachel Peters • 12/01/2017 • 0 comments

    When I was invited by the Benefit team to attend their five year anniversary, I was quick to put my hand up to represent Cluster.


    To celebrate five years of beauty, fun and laughter, Benefit launched the newest addition to their POREfessional line -- the Pore Minimizing Makeup. The ultra thin formula of this foundation covers imperfections without settling into pores, and instantly mattifies, leaving your skin visibly smooth and oil-free for 8 hours. A station was set up for guests to test what shade best suited them and once you found your perfect match, they added it to the cutest giveaway bag along with several other POREfessional products -- SCORE!




    benefit range



    Since the event, I’ve been using the Pore Minimizing Makeup and it really is a game changer! Girls, the product is in stores from January 10, 2017.


    Walking into their Megamall branch that day, I felt as if I had been transported to some quaint little Parisian store, with a whole lot of pink! They had all bases covered from a photo booth, amazing hors d'oeuvres and my most favorite part -- their brow station.


    I stood in line as I watched girls get their brows waxed, secretly feeling very nervous (a first for me) but also excited to have perfect brows like their brow expert Celina #browgamestrong. I was telling her how much of a struggle it always is for me to get my brows just right and she promised that once she was done it would be a breeze. She wasn’t kidding! Below are some pictures of the process. 



    benefit brows1

    Looking and feeling nervous at this point as they measured everything out.

    Pretty sure that isn't what you noticed though!



    benefit brows2

    One brow done, on to the next!


    benefit brows 3

    VOILA! The finished product, with zero make up.



    Thanks so much to the Benefit team for having me!  

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