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    Hello darlings, so today I’ll be sharing about a brand I swear by Estée Lauder. I couldn’t contain my delight when I was asked to attend the event in Rustans, Makati, on the weekend. I got to look at a lot of products and learn about natural day makeup. To my surprise, it was Patti our fellow Cluster Contributor who was the beautiful model in the natural makeup demo.



    My personal go-to product that I swear by is Estée Lauder's foundation Double Wear. It has been the best foundation for me since I entered my 20’s. It is full coverage, yet lightweight and caters to those who like a combination of matte with a natural look. For me, it dries on matte but not so powdery like other brands. When you're at Estée Lauder to find the correct skin colour for you, the assistant at Estée Lauder will use a machine to take a picture of your skin in 3 different areas to determine your correct skin colour. Don’t be alarmed when applying your foundation that it may appear quite dark as it will eventually dry to match your skin. It is the best liquid foundation for me that is affordable and luxurious.                                        


    While at the event and chatting to the organizers, we discussed how Estée Lauder had this notion that it was for the older woman. Well, that is completely not true. (Although, even I admit the brand reminds me of my mummy, especially their perfumes, but it doesn’t faze me as I think it is so nice when a scent gives you such fond memories particularly of white linen. I also love the perfume Sensuous and Modern Muse).



    In recent years, the packaging of makeup has changed to uplift the brand. Changing the concept and going to a dark navy blue, plus having youthful model endorser Kendall Jenner, has done wonders for the brand. Not to mention, also a collab with Victoria Beckham who amplifies the importance of a working mom is something that make up lovers can relate to. It is bridging the market from young 20 years old, transitioning into adult life to successful beautiful business moms.



    Estée Lauder is known for their skin range, and the company works hard on researching the best products for their skin care. The bestseller is their Advanced Night Repair -- I promise dear readers this is worth the investment. No matter how much makeup you use, it is important the condition of your skin. You can trust the fact that every night is a chance to revive your skin when using the Advanced Night Repair. Combining the Advanced Night Repair with their Micro-Essence product assures even more moisture to be locked into the skin and the results are wonderful. Their Micro-Essence product is a lotion or mist. The top range in skin care has to be the Re-Nutriv collection, every time a new ingredient is discovered it is included straight into this line of skin care.



    Seriously, I could go on and on typing about the brand's products but let's check out the pics of Patti’s makeup before and after. There is actually a whole catalogue to choose from but Patti decided for a natural look.





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