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    Given that it is still February, meaning Love Month, I’m sure a lot of us went to watch this movie Fifty Shades Darker based on the bestselling book of the same title. The steamy movie captured many women and encouraged them to read more. I, for one, remember thinking what is this book about and, later when it was made into a movie, I was intrigued as to how it will play out.


    Well, Fifty Shades Darker Part Two did not disappoint. The budget was improved and the characters look better and sexier -- miles better than the first. The overall theme was dark and mysterious. Also, it played out, true to form, that every time money was involved the reward after was sex, how delightful! Lucky Ana.


    I only wish some scenes had been longer in suspense, especially in relation to the darker characters. Also, I guess, because I was watching in Manila scenes were edited out. If only I could go home to Britain to watch and have a better understanding of this kind of dark love, haha. There was a lot of boob too in the movie, which is kind of a trend now to free the nipple. I won’t give spoilers for those reading and who haven’t watched but I suggest you do. I watched it on Valentine’s Day (yes, I had a date) and I, like the audience, was squealing in delight to see Mr Grey’s beautiful sculpted body.


    There is one scene that is a homage to darling Christian and, well, how he works out. The  movie inspired me to keep working out to maintain a sexy body. Additionally, the movie gave very good insight into the depth of the complex mind that is Christian Grey. However, not too much to take away from the fun and dreaminess of the movie; after all, it is just a fantasy for most. It was a good love story and not just about whips, balls and poles, which extended Ana’s legs open more than usual.


    Over all, it delivered on being sexy, steamy and smouldering. A great watch for girlfriends to have a giggle and enjoy some time together. But when I watched, it was almost all couples. The movie could be seen as educational, while it opened minds too by exploring what is like to be submissive and explore the red room.


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