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    Events & Entertainment • By Rachel Peters • 14/10/2016 • 0 comments

    You know that mid-week slump we often seem to hit? Well I skipped it this week thanks to Jo Malone, who on Wednesday night gave us eight reasons to be excited as they gave us a preview of their newest line of fragrances -- COLOGNE INTENSE.


    The event was held at Salvatore Cuomo, so we ate great food, were surrounded by beautiful people and, most importantly, we were among the lucky few who got the first look (or smell) at Jo Malone’s newest products!



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    The story of Cologne Intense began in the Middle East where heritage and culture have a special place for scent. Oils such are oud, jasmine and rose were layered onto the skin and hair in a ritualistic manner. The Jo Malone Creative Studio was inspired by this and used those rich ingredients and gave them modern character, with a Jo Malone twist, and then Cologne Intense was born.


    There’s something for everyone, each fragrance with a ‘delicious, even dangerous edge’.



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    At the end of the night, guests each took home a bottle of cologne and a candle, which of course were packaged the Jo Malone way; elegant and simple with a luxurious feel. Unlike their signature bottles and candles, Cologne Intense is packaged in a very stylish black to reflect the deeper intensity of the fragrances.  I managed to score exactly what I wanted and now get to fall asleep to the magnetic smell of Velvet Rose & Oud.


    A selection of Cologne Intense fragrances is also available in candle form, body cream and as dry oil. At the event I was told that these new scents were made with the guys in mind too, so its safe to say most fragrances are unisex.


    Cologne Intense will be exclusively available at Jo Malone London stores in Greenbelt 5, SM Aura and Rustan’s Shangri-la starting January 2017.






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