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    Hi Cluster readers, 


    I haven’t been writing much lately, I took some time off for myself and for health reasons. I had a major surgery last October 2017 and it took me awhile to get back to feeling my usual self. I was fortunate, to get stronger and I did some traveling while spending time with my loved ones which my future articles will cover.


    Anyway now it’s a new year, I feel replenished, inspired and hungry to share my thoughts. I’m back now to share more as a contributor for Cluster. 


    I heard I had to write an article about "Love", well February is upon us. How quick has 2018 been and gone. We will now be celebrating Valentine’s Day, getting ready to express our love with friends and loved ones. And seeing a lot of red and pink.



    IMG 6545



    We all make relationships, fall in and out of love and even find the one who we decide to commit to, however it’s not always rainbows and unicorns. People even make up rules to help them get over heartache and move on. Let's take the hit song by Dua Lipa "New Rules", we all know it:


    1. Don’t pick up the phone 

    2. Don’t let him in again

    3. Don’t be his friend


    Because let’s face it, you’ll wake up in his bed in the morning. What a catchy song that had us all agreeing. Most people can relate but it looks even as though she has gone back on her word and gotten in-touch with her ex-boyfriend. Well, although she hasn’t denied it, she also didn’t shut down rumours (as you can tell I follow very closely, thanks to Twitter). Personally, I feel betrayed myself after buying into her song which has made her a hit. Let's see though how the story folds out...



    IMG 9312




    It’s important to remember that while relationships are hard and even tough to move on from, you cannot limit yourself to not knowing what awaits you. Breaking ties may hurt, wondering if you can survive may also scare you but stepping out on your own means being brave to find new love and possible horizons. Don’t be the one trapped in the circle, going around making the same mistakes. Grow as a person and in time things heal, you will begin to learn to love -- whether it be with someone new or your old love. After all, love is a flame so strong yet can easily be put out. It all starts from an ignited spark, that longs to be nurtured, to grow into a fire that can burn for eternity.  


    Happy Valentine's, loves! 

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