• Metrowear 2017: The Future of Fashion

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    Every year, Metro Magazine under ABS CBN Publishing highlights one or more of the country’s most sought after fashion designers, showing their latest collections. This year, they train the spotlight on three young artists, who in their mid 20’s, have done more than merely show promise, but have also reached superstar status, dressing well-loved celebrities here and abroad, as well as sophisticated society girls. In an evening of style and elegance held at City of Dreams Manila, Metrowear presents Patty Ang, Michael Leyva and Mark Bumgarner.  







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    Patty Ang knows women, and her collection was a testament of that. Whimsical and wearable, the designer opened the show with bright whites, blush pinks, powder greys and barely-there nudes. The pieces fit in all the right places making them sensual, but with flowing elements to give that air of romanticism. She also added a bit of sparkle, as well as some soft feather like touches, keeping to her feminine aesthetic. All in all, it was a gorgeous collection, with pieces that every woman would want to wear.



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    Michael Leyva was asked what one of his bigger achievements was this year, and he said it was dressing one of showbiz’s biggest stars, Anne Curtis. His collection showed his flair for drama, with fabulous gowns that were all showstoppers in their own right, as well as very dramatic make up on the runway. Dark and bold colors, combined with intricate stitching and rich fabric made up a lot of this collection. We also saw many pieces with capes and trains, accenting very sultry silhouettes. 



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    Mark Bumgarner took sophisticated elegance to new heights in his stunning black and white collection. From chic pantsuits to very formal eveningwear, he played with a myriad of fabrics, as well as new shapes that were flattering and unique, all at the same time. His exceptional eye for taste allowed him to think out of the box, but also pull back ever so slightly, creating the perfect balance of clothes that were wearable, yet distinctive and interesting. He closed the show on a definite high.



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    The Metrowear 2017 collections showed just how bright the future of Philippine fashion really is.

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