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    Dear darlings, first and foremost: Welcome to Cluster, especially to my sections Events and Entertainment. Seeing as this is my first post I decided this would be more like an opening letter about myself to take the readers into my daily activities and life, so they will have a little insight into my thought process and what to expect. 


    My main priorities right now are my classes, I was so excited about going back to school. I have been planning to attend school for the last 2 years or so, it took awhile but finally I’ve enrolled and started my course part-time in fashion marketing. I generally have to be flexible with my schedule, so it is irregular. When most people work 9-5 and live for the weekends, I find most of my work is between Friday and Sunday. I attend school and workshops at the start of the week; and meetings, castings, photo-shoots and what not during the middle of the week. As much as I want to be full-time, I’m a young 20-something years old, living independently from my family. And also in the words of Rihanna I need to "werk werk werk.”  


    I recently was asked to appear in an opening for a pilot episode of a new TV show. To my surprise after my guesting, I was asked to join the cast and crew. I’m so thrilled and excited to be a part of this new variety show, that I’m inviting all readers also to watch Happinas Happy Hour on TV5 9pm-10:30pm, every Friday night. I get to practice my Tagalog, be alluring yet funny, make people laugh, have a good time and dance, too. The show is a combination of naughty and nice, with a feel-good vibe. I’ve made friends with some great celebs and even met some interesting characters on the show. 



            IMG 5421       IMG 5025



    Last Friday I was invited to watch PBA Alaska vs Rain or Shine, I was required to promote the show live during the game; it was such a fun day! Also some of the players are cute too so you could imagine it was exciting.


                                                              edited pic3


    During the game I was with an explicit actress, also referred to as former porn star Maria Ozawa. She will be guesting sometimes on the show, too, while she is in Manila. It was my first time to meet someone working in that particular field of entertainment, and it just shows that every day in the entertainment scene is always full of fun surprises. She was very nice and we took some obligatory selfies together. 


    If you want to see more of my daily grind, follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat: @margomidwinter -- you know what to do. 

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