• The Pietro Boselli Encounter (and Ms. Boselli)

    Events & Entertainment • By Margo Midwinter • 30/03/2017 • 0 comments



    Okay so in case you guys didn't know (which I think it's impossible not to know) Pietro Bosseli is the new face of Bench. Well, he is that hot math teacher that went viral after a student posted a photo of him online. That photo did the rounds and generated a huge following for Pietro. He ended up becoming an overnight sensation and it's not hard to see why. He has  that sculpted body and a gorgeous face, (yes you are most welcome to check out his photos on Google). 


    Funny enough the photo that made him a star was actually taken a year ago before going viral and the snap was taking by a guy! The student even later on emailed him saying sorry for making Pietro world famous, but this didn't faze Pietro and he found it funny (awhh isn't he sweet, has a sense of humour too). 


    Besides his love for maths, physics and educating others, he is also a model and the 28-year old's career is only getting stronger. I was shocked when I found out that he taught in UCL, a U.K. university I applied for, if only I had known he was a teacher there I would have surely taken on his class. But anyway, as fate would have it, we would eventually meet in Manila! 


    During the press con, I asked him the question who is the most beautiful Filipina for him, and what a surprise he said Ellen. You go girl! And in typical Ellen fashion my girl responded with a cute video going viral about how she now likes maths, oh I wonder why. Maybe this is the start of a new love team? Perhaps, Pietro can join Ellen in one of her television shows, hashtag #EllenBoselli and off the ship sails. 


    I was blessed enough to be able to have a photo with him backstage, where he told me and fellow Cluster contributor Jacqueline Dizon about his stay so far in Manila. He is literally quite the chatterbox and we were delighted to listen to his stories. But you know who actually is "hashtag bless", no one other than Pia Campos - W Talent Manager. Oh yes, she was in charge of protecting the fine young chap during his stay, traveling with him to Davao and having days at the beach with him in Palawan. She is now the envy of most of his fans, having stayed with him during his work/vacation exploring Philippines. So lucky, I now joke that she is on top cougar alert! 


    Well anyway, all joking aside, Pietro actually has a girlfriend (sorry to break most of your hearts). She is stunning. It just so happens I follow her in Instagram and she follows me too (social media is so fun), so I've seen their sweet exchanges and let me tell you - ang tamis! They are so bagay. 



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