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    Over the weekend, I was invited to attend one of the celebrity events of the year: the annual Star Magic Ball. Or as I like to call it, ‘The Liza’s Soberano’s Ball’.


    Liza Soberano owned the night in her beautiful gown. When we started chatting, she said her dress was supposed to be off-white -- she was adamant now that it was grey. The rest of us were informed to wear either black or white but she is the Queen Bee among us Star Magic celebrities! Only she could take home the Best Dressed Award; she stood out in the crowd with those sweeping bangs, and trended for days after the event over social media platforms. My highlight of the night was when Liza wiped my face when I smudged my lipstick. I could only imagine how her fans wish to be in my position. She is beautiful and has a lovely personality to match her stunning face. Her dashing date, Enrique Gil was ever-present and never left her side.


    Ah, they were so sweet to each other. I felt like ants might show up.












    I was excited when Ellen Adarna messaged me to go with her to the Star Magic Ball.  I knew for sure it would be a fun night with my beautiful W baby (we share the same talent management). I had read an article about the 29 newbies attending this Star Magic Ball --  I was one of them. So I definitely took time to make myself extra beautiful--getting a facial, had my lash extensions and nails done, made sure my eyebrows were nice. I chose a long white gown and gold heels from my designer Ruel Rivera and got Andreu Ariola and Zeus Ariola to comprise my glam team.


    Had I known that Ellen would be wearing no makeup and a simple long black dress with a high slit, I would have not have worried so much about what to wear! Then again, she is Ellen and will always look fabulous. She gives off an effortless beauty and sets trends like attending a big event with minimal makeup -- something I admire. On days off I never wear foundation, but I don’t know if I could be as brave as her. She attended the ball with not even concealer on! Nonetheless, I was happy with my look, amazed by the long lasting airbrush effect and decided to be brave and break away from my usual nude/brown lippies. I went for a bright violet lipstick – Mac Viva Glam Ariana Grande 2.









    Photo: www.starmagicball.com



    I walked the red carpet, faced the cameras. Ellen kept telling everyone I was her date, lucky me! We sat at our table for dinner, listened to speeches, watched some performances and ended up dancing until morning. There were a lot of beautiful girls and guys present. Everyone seemed to enjoy! Sadly I couldn’t carry my power bank (it didn’t fit in my clutch), which is why I didn’t get many photos with celebrities as my phone ran low on battery. Nevertheless, it was a wicked night. I was even amazed that I went home at 2am and my makeup was still fresh.









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