• Looking Back: Sunnies Christmas

    Events & Entertainment • By Jacqueline Dizon • 11/01/2018 • 0 comments


     Vani Vergara, Pia Campos, Dominique Cojuangco, me, Juliana Gomez


    Now that I'm sort of back to my regular grind, one of the first things on my agenda is to thank Sunnies for letting me have a stylish Holiday. 


    During the Sunnies Christmas, I was spoiled with unlimited bubbly, snacks, laughter while I also scored a bunch of new Sunnies and Sunnies Specs! To be quite honest, my Sunnies Christmas was better than my actual one since I was sick and stuck in bed all day, so I'm extra glad I got a Christmas where I felt spoiled!


    All the frames that I had to choose from were beautiful, such that picking what I wanted to bring home was so difficult to do. I'm glad with my selection, but I'm going to have to go back to get a few ones that left my heart a little broken when I left them behind. 


    Thank you Sunnies for having me! 



    sunnies 5

     Keeping' in it cool in my sunnies.



    sunnies 2

     "What would you gift your 7-year old self?"



    sunnies 1

     Boss lady. 



    sunnies 4

    My Sunnies crew (and those pink walls!)




    How fun is that Sunnies selection tray on the right?



    sunnies 3

    A very Sunnies Christmas, from us. 

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