• VASK Tapas Room, Third Year Celebration

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    VASK Tapas Room celebrated their 3rd year with 30 new dishes on their menu -- all of which capture the heart of Basque cuisine and are infused with flavours.  I made sure we didn’t miss out on this event as I knew that VASK has a reputation of leaving everyone’s tummy happy, and I can now vouch on that. Here is a list of my favorites that still have us craving for more!


    The Cochinillo Tacos were as easy on the eye as they were on the tummy. The spiced suckling pig melts in your mouth and is topped with mango salsa, frijoles mousse and sour cream. All held inside a crispy corn taco -- definitely my favourite appetizer!





    Another appetizer I would highly recommend you try is the Tomato and Homemade Ricotta. The perfect light start to your meal, and I must add very healthy, too! The cheese and tomatoes are mixed with a balsamic reduction and crispy mustard -- a modern twist on bruschetta with the surprise bursts of tapioca pearls.


    Rabo al Vino Tinto2


    Out of the mains the Rabo al Vino Tinto was my top pick. Slow cooked oxtail, red wine and rustic potatoes worked so well together. The oxtail was so tender and the crispiness of the potato was the perfect accompaniment for it.




    Tarta de Calamansi2 



    The Tarta de Calmansi, however, takes number one on my list. Every bite I took was an explosion in my mouth and I enjoyed it so much that we asked for another one! Make sure to try this one, guys!


    It should also be noted that what used to only be a selection under main courses (‘Principales’) have now been divided into three sections, vegetarian (‘Harvest’), seafood (‘From the Ocean’) and meats (‘On Land).


    Vask Tapas Room
    Clipp Center, 11th Ave, Taguig, BGC
    For reservations, contact +63 917 806 5292 or ask@vaskmanila.com


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