• Wonder Woman

    Events & Entertainment • By Margo Midwinter • 11/06/2017 • 0 comments

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    Everyone is going crazy about the latest movie Wonder Woman. Well, have you seen her? It's not hard to understand why. Gal Gadot is stunning and from the interviews I have watched online, genuine and endearing. Thirty-two years old, a mother to two kids and wife and, now, add Wonder Woman to her already impressive resume.


    She embodies the character of Wonder Woman so well: strong, beautiful and a wonderful presence throughout the whole movie. Funny enough we all grew up knowing boys had superheroes like Batman, Spider Man, Superman - but who were the girls superheroes? We had princesses. But now we have a woman who follows her heart, a woman to aspire to. However, interestingly enough, Gal Gadot had also worn a tiara on her head, and it wasn't just for the movie Wonder Woman but also during her pageant days as a beauty queen.


    She won Miss Israeli in 2004 and went on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, (apparently, wearing all the wrong things and turning up late beacuse she was reluctant to win the title as she had conflicting feelings). 


    Her maternal grandparents were survivors of the holocaust and she also went on to study law.


    Prior to studying law, she served two years as a combat instructor. Having this military background would eventually help her in her first break out role in the movie Fast and the Furious.


    She performed her own stunts and even was pregnant during the filming for Wonder Woman.  Can you imagine having to learn swordsman skills, kung fu, kick boxing and all the rest while pregnant? 


    Also, she admits she was on the verge of giving up her dream of acting when she often heard the words "you almost got the part".


    But here she is as, our Wonder Woman giving life to the character for a whole new generation to enjoy.