• 10 Things All New Mommies Know To Be True

    Family • By Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario • 10/09/2016 • 0 comments

    1. The satisfying, albeit painful sensation of the perfect latch.





    2. The excitement over a fallen umbilical cord.




    3. The sheer fulfillment upon hearing a loud and hearty burp.


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    4. The unexplainable, tear-jerking joy that comes with

    your baby smiling up at you for the first time.





    5. The relaxed look of comfort of a fresh, clean diaper.


    in diaper change



    6. The invigorating power of a long, hot shower.


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    7. The overwhelmingly satisfying feeling of dehydration

    that comes a few minutes into a good breastfeeding session…






    8. And the revitalizing cool that comes when you replenish with water.





    9. The feeling of accomplishment after 4 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep.


    MG 6981 



    10. The surge of emotions that come with each fleeting moment

    that seem to just fly by when you are with your infant.


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    What have you learned to be true? Share your experience with me! 

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