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    People always ask me how I manage having 4 children. And because everything I would have to say could not possibly encompass a single answer, I usually just sum it up to responding with what is most important to me – spending equal and individual time with each of them.


    A few years ago, when the musical Wicked first took stage in Manila, I brought my eldest daughter who was then 8 years old. When I saw that it would make its return, I immediately thought it was the perfect time to take my now 7-year-old second daughter. Of course, my third daughter who is 5 and has shown interest in the music and stage as well asked to join us. A little hesitantly (for fear that it may be too scary for her), I decided to make a night of it and go on this extra special date with my middle children.


    We began our evening selecting our outfits and getting ready. Any opportunity to educate the girls the on importance of dressing up appropriately for an occasion is celebrated. These little ladies love to watch mommy put make up on and always ask to take part in the fun; so, already, they are enjoying this.




    IMG 2640




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    As we make our way to the venue, I can’t help but stop and snap a few photos of them all dressed up. If you didn’t already know, I document everything. We leave the house at 6pm for the 8pm show. (Though, I suggest if you are bringing children you opt to watch the 2pm slot as this one ended quite late.) This gives us enough time to prepare for traffic, as well as grab a quick bite on the way.




    IMG 2663




    We arrive in the theater at Solaire, and excitedly check out the gift shop and go through the program.  The show begins promptly at 8PM, so we line up for the bathroom at 7:30PM to make sure the girls get to use the toilet, wash their hands, and get to our seats with minutes to spare before the curtain is raised.




    IMG 2677



    The girls loved the show and were enchanted the entire time. Though my intuition was right and my 5-year-old was a little scared in the beginning (the scene opens with the masked flying monkeys), she could not keep her eyes off the stage. Even if it runs quite long (approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, including the 20 minute intermission), the girls did not get bored or want to go home. My 7-year-old kept whispering, “It’s not over yet is it?” It truly is a spellbinding production, and this cast (hailing from London) was especially good. The musical has all the enchantment, bright colors, and simple storyline that keeps a child entertained, as well as the wit and humor, and emotional pull to capture the heart of an adult. What better way to show your child the importance of goodness and a kind heart over looks and popularity than through a stunningly enchanted musical such as Wicked?



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    Wicked has extended its run, adding 8 more shows, which will run until March 19. I highly suggest a date with your little ones. 




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    Could't resist a selfie after the show




    A special thanks to MAC Cosmetics, Wicked Manila's Gala Night Sponsor

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