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    I love holiday cards. Conceptualizing them, creating them, receiving them, cherishing them. To me, it is a big part of my Christmas season. I keep all the cards I receive over the years so I can look back at how my loved ones’ families have grown. That being said, I put a lot of effort into my Christmas cards. From the theme to the wording, I try to be as creative and original as possible.


    Here are some of my tips to help you create the perfect card to send out this holiday season!


    • Choose a theme – Though a decorated tree backdrop with your little ones between presents as the focal point is a classic, it is something that has been done over and over. I love festive themes, but I also appreciate cards that are unique and unexpected. For something truly memorable – get creative with your photograph and wording


    • Be timely – Though the holiday season tends to get very busy and I usually suggest to shoot your card as early as September, you also have to remember to be timely. If you have a baby that is constantly changing and growing, then you might want to push it as far as you can. But best to avoid the holiday rush if it can be helped.


    • Schedule and prepare– Once your schedule is set, be sure the children being photographed are well rested. Also, I like to prepare the set, make sure they are dressed and ready to go, and position the older kids, leaving the younger ones to be put in when all that is left to do is ‘click!’


    • Book a photographer that knows how to work with children - If you do decide to get it professionally photographed, it is best to work with someone who is good with children. It takes patience to get the shot, as well as someone who can work fast


    I’ve gotten some of my favorite photographers to share their own tips:


    Sofia Genato of Stork Studio

    “Keep it simple and uncluttered. Try to have the shot taken from further away to get whole bodies. The most important aspect would be to properly plan the shoot and outfits to have a unified theme and balance of colors. I especially love cards that have stories and a photo for each child that update us on their past year and milestones.” 


     Stanley Ong

    “Do your research. Or have Christmas card layout ready - Discuss with the photographer what kind of photos you want. This give the photogrpaher time to plan the shoot and avoid 2nd guessing how to compose and frame the shot.

    Also, always remember that the family session should be a fun experience for everyone.”


    JC Inocian 

    “Personally I love DIY Christmas cards... Something simple but with loads of personality and humor. Something as simple as a photo of your family and a nice little personal message is perfect."


    • Bribing tools – I always have a treat ready. This isn’t the most ideal situation for a child, so I believe that rewarding them is a nice way to show them that their efforts are appreciated. Also, it gets them to smile and cooperate much faster!


    • Finish with a message – There’s no better way to spread your Christmas wishes to your loved ones than with a message of love.


    My Family cards through the years...



    2009 This super simple layout showed just what matters - my 2 little girls ready for the holidays - photographed by Stanley Ong



    2010 Studio shots are quite easy, as the weather is never a factor - shot by Stanley Ong


    MG 1261 2

    2011 Natural lighting is always amazing so outdoor shoots are quite ideal if the weather permits - shot by Sofia Genato



    2012 Back in the studio, I wanted to do a proper portrait of the girls, capturing them at this early age - shot by Sofia Genato



    2013 Here, photographer Sofia and I went for an ethereal theme, making the girls look almost fairy like - shot by Sofia Genato


    IMG 2572

    2014 Here, we took our love for the ocean to new heights, bringing mermaids to life - shot by JC Inocian



    2015 I took it home and went for a Filipinana theme one year - shot by JC Inocian



    2016 Having a new baby, we decided to go simple and found a pretty and festive backdrop - shot by JC Inocian


    The holiday card is truly a tradition my Christmas is incomplete with out. Asides from it being a nice personal gesture to send out, it also becomes a remembrance of the year that was, with photographs that I can look back on for years to come.


     Del Rosario Kids A2

    2017 This year, we decided to get back in the studio and bring a touch of fashion to our card - shot by Sofia Genato 


    Happy Holidays from our family to yours! 







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