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    As a parent, there are so many choices we need to make. Breastfeed or opt for formula? Have a nanny or be completely hands on? Vaccinate or not to vaccinate? It’s an endless list of questions and contemplation, and for a parent who wants to give their child the best, it can be overwhelming.


    This entry is about my journey with co-sleeping. It isn’t the only option, nor is it the best one for everyone, but it was the perfect choice for me.



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    Me with my youngest showing the joys of co-sleeping -- something I did with all my girls



    Thirteen years ago I had my first daughter, and being quite young, I was definitely overwhelmed and insecure about my journey into motherhood. I knew I would have a lot to prove, not just to those around me, but also to myself as well. That being said, I also knew the kind of mother I wanted to be. I knew that I was adamant about breastfeeding -- quite ambitious, I know, since this was my first go at it. And since breastfeeding was a commitment that required you to be on call, co-sleeping was also something I knew I would do. These two decisions were the first steps that led me to becoming the mother I am today.


    Both breastfeeding and co-sleeping aren’t easy, but one act supports the other. Though it is quite exhausting, there is nothing more rewarding. And very soon I found out that it was the kind of tired that I loved because it made me feel my purpose.


    Breastfeeding came quite naturally to me -- latching was never really an issue, and I was blessed with a lot of milk -- but I cannot lie, sleep deprivation was probably the toughest part of the first few weeks of life of each of my daughters.


    I can still recall so clearly what it was like with each of my girls –- some of them were good sleepers, giving us a full 5-6 hours by the time they hit their 6th week -- while others wouldn’t go back to sleep until they were rocked and sang to, from birth through the 6th month. This was quite a challenge for both my husband and I. The one consolation we had was that we always had our girls at arm’s reach (please excuse the pun). The co-sleeper truly bettered those first few months. Having our babies so near made the difficult times easier through convenience. All the while allowing us to enjoy the wonderful moments like waking up next to your baby, napping alongside them, and of course, feeling at ease, knowing that it was the safest way to co-sleep, having them in a secure extension to your bed.



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    Having them near is always special - from a dream-filled falling asleep...




    ... to happy waking moments


    As our babies grew, the Arm’s Reach co-sleeper’s" use changed as well. When they were already in their own rooms, we always kept it in our room for nap-time. We also used it to keep the toys and books they frequently used so they always had a corner in our room that was theirs. Of course, we would always take it when we traveled, making sure that our little ones had a familiar bed to lie in even outside of our home. The Arm’s Reach co-sleeper is truly one of my all time favorite baby products.



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    From waking up from a nap



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    To playtime with Daddy



    Thinking back to that time all those years ago, I did set high goals for myself as a mother. But through the support of so many – individuals and brands alike – I was able to achieve what I set out to be: I am a loving mother who is strong. I am determined. I am committed. But most importantly, I am there… always, in all ways.




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    Still using our Arm's Reach co-sleeper today


    Locally, I source the Arm’s reach co-sleeper, along with many of my other favorite products at www.kidoozi.com. Enjoy your baby, and sweet snoozing and co-sleeping cuddles!



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