• Do See the Wonderful

    Family • By Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario • 19/11/2017 • 0 comments
    Being a mom is fulfilling.


    Being a mom is rewarding.


    Being a mom is amazing.


    But lets put things into perspective… The moment you become a mother, your life is no longer truly yours. You are now constantly thinking about, worrying about, and obsessing over the well being of another human being. You now have to be responsible for his or her every waking moment. An infant literally needs to feed off you to survive. That is beside the constant sleepless nights and sheer exhaustion that the first few weeks bring. Then the baby and toddler years come and you deal with issues like temper tantrums, potty training, and separation anxiety, to name a few. And it never ends… The teenage years will hit you with a loud bang that knocks you down, and makes you wonder where your little baby went. I can only imagine the challenges the parents of an adult face.


    Being a mom is tough.


    And when those tough moments come, it is difficult to see the beauty in mundane moments – the moments that create our happiest memories. The moments we long to return to just as they’ve been swept away.


    Pandora’s latest campaign reminds us to ‘Do See the Wonderful.‘ 


    To focus on the first steps rather than the first fall… to revel in the sound of her laughter rather than fret at the sight of her tears… to enjoy the tight hugs and genuine love rather than to worry about the clinginess… to see his bravery and strength over his roughness… to appreciate the crazy and forget about the chaos.


    It is such a simple concept, but one that many of us take for granted in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. After reading through Pandora’s ‘Do See The Wonderful’ stories, I asked myself, “How can I make this conscious effort everyday?”


    Pandora invited women from different walks of life for a beautiful afternoon of doing just that.


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    Nestled in the gorgeous mountains of Tagaytay is Raffi’s Way - where we arrived to revel at the majestic view over cocktails and canapés, and were given a sneak peek of Pandora’s latest collection. Guests were also treated to a beautiful lunch of vegetable tarts, shrimp cocktail, beef wellington, seared tuna, local greens, and lovely sides of grilled asparagus and potatoes by the famed chef Sau del Rosario. I think being there in itself felt like a treat – a small break from the responsibilities we left in the city.


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    The day was filled with reflective activities and inspirational talks, allowing women to be vulnerable, and open up to each other.  We were given a moment to truly see the positivity in our everyday lives. We were also given the chance to break down our walls, and truly trust ourselves in the hands and hearts of others. There were a lot of laughs, and a few tears shed as well. There were also many, many hugs, smiles, and words of encouragement. And though the morning began with me being in the presence of acquaintances and strangers, it ended in the company of true friends. 


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    As the day wore on, I felt myself truly understanding the importance of making the conscious decision to ‘Do See the Wonderful’ in all aspects of my life – whether family, career, friendships, or passions - it is about celebrating how truly blessed we all are in our own different ways.


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    After today, I am reminded of this simple but honest statement:


    Being a mom is wonderful.


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    With my treasures - my four daughters, all of us wearing Pandora's braided leather bands and charms