• Easter Fun: Keeping Your Kids Entertained

    Family • By Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario • 12/04/2017 • 0 comments



    I love Holy Week. For me, it is a time to be grateful. It presents moments that allow you to forget work, social commitments and the hustle and bustle of everyday… It is a time to revel in the quiet.


    But it can be a bit difficult to enjoy this silence when you have bored children running about, looking for things to do. So my solution is to have ready activities to keep them busy. Some may require a minimal amount of your time, but it will keep them occupied for hours after, giving you a few moments of peace.


    Here are some fun Easter inspired activities:


    1. Egg painting

    Boil 2 dozen eggs, get some poster paints, brushes, glitter and even stickers and a bunch of newspaper and set the kids up outside. A child of any age would enjoy this -– from my 12 year old to my 1 year old. I think even teenagers would have fun exploring their creativity.


    easy painted easter egg crafts for kids 3

    taken from sunshinewhispers.com


    2. Baking and Snacks

    Whether it is to imaginatively decorate a cake, bake a simple batch of cookies, or make fun snacks, preparing cool things in the kitchen is a great way to keep the kids busy.

    IMG 1986

    Easter inspired bundt cake, where my daughters chose toys from their collection as well as Easter eggs to decorate



    IMG 4003

    Polvoron in Easter colors, made and wrapped by the kids



    IMG 5765

    Fruit and marshmallow kebabs



    3. Counting, separating, and distinguishing eggs

    This may seem like a very preschool classroom activity, but my young ones love to count the eggs and separate them by color and size. This also helps them develop simple math skills.


    IMG 1848



    4. Filling eggs with candy

    It’s always fun to crack open a colorful plastic egg and fill it with some candy. Make sure there is a grown up though so that they cant sneak too many into their mouths!


    IMG 5514c



    5. Hiding eggs

    This may be more appreciated by older kids. I find that it is especially fun for children who are on the cusp of wanting to be a part of the egg hunting, yet a little too old to still search for eggs. Having them hide it gives them a fun sense of responsibility as well as creativity. 


    IMG 1987