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    Here at @cluster.ph we’re so done with seeing “Disney-fied” kids on Halloween – one too many princesses, a dime a dozen villains, and every sidekick in between makes for an anticlimactic trick or treat. This year, we bring you the cool kids – the ones who deserve that extra piece of candy for their originality and standout charm – less cartoon character, more MTV. Pop culture icons like Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift may dominate the charts, but these mini me’s will fly off the cuteness meter! Get inspired because your next BIG Halloween costume idea might just come from these LITTLE superstars! No time for ghouls and ghosts because we’re not afraid to take the mask off and bask in the limelight.






    Naiara slambook




    [Wearing shirt from Winzel Chua (@winzelchua), cardigan from Robby Rabbit (@myrobbyrabbit), and dress worn as skirt from Earjon Garment (earjongarments.com) / Hair and Makeup by Celine Hembrador (@clnhembrador)]



    We wouldn’t want to get in the bad side of our dear Naiara because that Burn Book she’s holding! Portray the ultimate mean girl Regina George in a more kooky rather than spooky way. Pink pieces that are probably already in your wardrobe become a full on costume with some custom updates - for that statement shirt, add a little iron transfer text for less than Php80. Don’t get boo’ed this Halloween because when everyone’s trying to scare, you’re just out here looking to slay. You know that’s fetch.












    [Wearing a custom-made gown from Winzel Chua (@winzelchua)/ Hair and Makeup by Celine Hembrador (@clnhembrador) and Rachel Torres (@racheltoes)]



    An iconic pop star, a mega-successful designer-slash-entrepreneur, and a MET ball queen - yep, ladies and gents we took on the challenge of recreating Rihanna’s 2016 ball gown. Though it was fairly hard to find something to take inspiration from since she owns so many red carpet looks, it is Halloween after all, and there’s no better time to go all out! Michelle sparkled in this wild outfit like she was ready to ‘run this town.’









    [Wearing shirt from Winzel Chua (@winzelchua) and jumper from Robby Rabbit (@myrobbyrabbit]



    Patrice might be a little too young to say “You Belong With Me” but for all intents and purposes, we feel like she does belong in this cute outfit. An easy solution to all the frills of Halloween is to go simple -  just throw on a t-shirt! Preferably one that has been lying around and as uhm Taylor has said, maybe one that ‘has been there the whole time?’ Take a cue from us and get creative with it! (Also, could you spot all those cute personal references we included?)










    [Wearing a basketball uniform from Dugout Sportswear Trading (@dugoutsportsweartrading)/ Hair and Make-up by Rachel Torres (@racheltoes)]





    It was priceless the moment we figured out how much Bukie looked like NBA LA Clippers superstar Blake Griffin. And that’s really the BIG idea: don’t go too far out with your peg and go for who you most resemble. Study your face, your hair, and ask your friends to recommend something for you! Going back, an NBA superstar who dates Kendall Jenner doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all and Bukie seemed to enjoy this game of pretend.












    [Wearing a custom pajama look set from Jannel Liwanag (@jannelliwanag) / Hair and Makeup by Celine Hembrador (@clnhembrador)]





    Bruno is O. O is Bruno. The instant we played 24K Magic, the room was just watching O do his thing. A natural swag that is undeniable, he owned this look right down pat. It’s easy to see why because with a larger than life persona to imitate that could carry a matching look, a baseball cap and a whole-lotta-bling --- you just have to have charisma to pull it off. 






    Cash slambook copy



    [Wearing clothes from Swag Junior (@swagjuniorph) / Hair and Makeup by Rachel Torres (@racheltoes)]




    We really had no problem with Cash as Bieber because with much more casual styling, it wasn’t hard to be in character. Of course we went with the Purpose Tour Justin era because this was more iconic in terms of streetwear - the plaids, the sweats and his signature headpiece. Actually, go steezy in whatever you see in most of the brands these days. It’s not hard to come up with something Bieber would wear, because he has influenced the way kids dressed up these days. 








    Special thanks to:


    Janel Liwanag (facebook.com/jannelliwanag)

    Victor Manuel of EarJon Garments (http://earjongarments.com/)

    Winzel Chua of Winzel Chua Designs (facebook.com/winzelchuadesigns)

    Chris Conwi of Dugout Sportswear Trading (facebook.com/dugoutsportsweartrading)

    Ysabel Carlos of Swag Junior (facebook.com/swagjuniorph)

    Abby Balibag of Robby Rabbit (facebook.com/myrobbyrabbit)





    Stefi Paz (@the.stefi.archives)



    Jubilee Gallardo (@jwofwonders)



    Photographer: Tarish Zamora (@tarishzamora)

    Creative Director/ Styling: Lorenz Namalata (@wehlorenz)


    Hair and Make-up:

    Celine Hembrador (@clnhembrador)

    Rachel Torres (@racheltoes)


    Styling Assistant:

    Isa Garcia (@isagrrr)



    Artisano Studios (@artisanostudio


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