• An Electric Rooftop Ride

    Fitness & Wellness • By The Cluster Team • 28/02/2017 • 0 comments


    On February 11th, Electric Studio introduced another new experience in Philippine fitness. For the very first time, the Electric bikes were unleashed from the four walls of the studio and took over the rooftop of Fairways Tower BGC for three 45-minute live DJ rides.


    Led by Electric veteran instructors Mitch Felipe, Armand Mendoza, Trish Avondo, Abel Jose, Kris Sy, and Yessa Caparas, the entire Electric community celebrated from sunset to dark the best way they know how, by riding and dancing as one to heart pumping beats spun by popular local DJ and fellow Electric instructor Jujiin Samonte. Riders were able to shut out the world, re-focus, and find purpose and strength amidst breathtaking views of the Makati skyline and Manila Bay. This endorphin-packed ride was a sweaty and exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience for over 100 Electric riders.


    “At Electric Studio, we believe working out should not feel like work. We strive to create a fitness experience where time flies by, making working out an easy choice,” said Kris Sy, co-founder and CEO.


    What makes the Electric community special was evident this evening, as the positivity and camaraderie was felt throughout the night amongst the riders, instructors, and crew. “Our riders and team share a ‘we can do this together’ Electric spirit where no one gets left behind,” said Sy.


    As Electric Studio continues to redefine exercise and motivate riders to encourage one another, only one thing is for certain: Not even the sky is the limit for Manila’s fitness leaders.




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