• Two Ways To Motivate Yourself

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    Not everybody is motivated to achieve a fit body all year round. January to Summer we all want to fulfill our New Year’ resolutions by going to the gym, trying to eat healthy, avoiding bad habits, etc. More often than not, we get into it because it’s what’s trending as of the moment. If everybody is broadcasting their New Year’s resolutions about wanting to be healthy, then why not go with it?
    Or, if come summertime, everybody wants to show their hard work by flaunting their bodies in board shorts or a bikini, then might as well do it too right?


    This is the challenging part, when summer is about to end and then the school year begins, then the BER months follow, where there are a lot of feasts and holiday celebrations, we forget about our fitness goals. We end up telling ourselves and everyone around us “its holiday season, we can pig out and not workout! We can do that January next year!”


    Sounds familiar right?


    I’m pretty sure most of us get into this cycle countless times, and we wonder, how come some people can keep up and be consistent in achieving their goals all the time? How do we prolong this burning desire to achieve our #bodygoals ?


    This is where differentiating two types of motivation comes in.








    This type of motivation is driven by reward and other external factors. An individual is pushed to achieve something because he wants to be recognized, see results, get something in return, and doesn’t want to suffer consequences of not finishing the task.


    When it comes to fitness, a lot of people are driven by this type of motivation. They want to workout because their eyes are focused on the goal. A tangible goal: a better looking and stronger body.

    They want to make a good impression that they are making a difference in their lives. They want to be praised for looking good and strong.


    Absolutely nothing is wrong with that. We all need to have targets to push us to keep working hard. But the question is, if results don’t come in, will we still be motivated?


    Extrinsic Motivation can be good and useful up to a certain extent. When progress doesn’t stop, it’s easy to get addicted to results. However, if we don’t get the results that we want, if we still feel unhappy about our bodies, how can we push ourselves to keep going?


    This is where the second type of motivation comes in.




    images 2



    Intrinsic motivation is doing something because you simply love doing it. Results and the pressure of performing your best doesn’t really matter. Even if progress is slow, it doesn’t stop you from working hard because fulfilling the task alone makes you happy.


    “I exercise because I enjoy it and it makes me happy.”


    “I love to eat healthy because I feel a lot better.”


    Living a healthy lifestyle might be hard for some people especially those who are living on the opposite end. But the moment you find something that you love doing, it won’t be as hard as you think. I’d like to call it as, muscle memory. Fitness will become as natural as muscle memory if you’ve found your niche.



    images 1




    I’m pretty sure that at this time of the year, you’re already heading to the gym, attending all sorts of classes, starting to eat healthier and more mindfully. All of us want to be as consistent all year round, or for the rest of our lives. So as early as now, I want to tell you that the best way to find happiness in what you’re doing is to try and explore everything right now.


    If you are new to fitness I suggest that you shouldn’t get stuck doing one thing for now. If you like lifting weights, also try swimming, triathlon, yoga, spinning, and see where you find yourself most at home. Don’t be driven to look for a routine that will give you the “best results.”Don’t worry about getting a good physique, losing weight, losing fat, etc. Find first what kind of workout routine makes you happy, because the moment you find enjoyment in what you’re doing, being consistent won’t be so hard because your day won’t be complete without it.


    And when you are consistent AND happy doing what you’re doing, RESULTS keep coming in.


    No matter what time of the year, despite all other crazy distractions that come your way, you will stick to your fitness routine because you LOVE DOING IT.






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