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    Fitness & Wellness • By Gabe Norwood • 08/09/2016 • 0 comments

    Nestled in the spacious warehouse-style complex of SPARTA,

    360PRO provides a great gym experience and atmosphere.



    Seeing the word "Pro" in the name has many thinking that this gym is strictly for competitive athletes, which isn't true at all. Coach Chappy Callanta and his team of trainers, provide workouts specified for every person looking to improve their fitness level.  From the office worker looking to burn off some holiday weight to the most serious triathlete looking to set a personal record, 360PRO can tailor make a workout that will benefit you.



    Personally, Coach Chappy has done a great job in helping me to perform at a high level throughout the demanding PBA to Gilas schedule, which I've followed for the last 5 years. On days that I may have felt some aches or pains, Coach would alter the workout to avoid any aggravation while also strengthen areas to guide me back to 100%, as soon as possible.



    For those looking for a new gym, there's no better time to look into a membership with 360PRO.  The month of February is bringing a great "buddy package" opportunity which will provide a discounted rate for group workouts. This would be a great way to get in shape with a special someone, a close friend, or a colleague that needs an extra push (or someone to give you that extra push).




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    For more information make sure to follow 360PRO on social media for updates:


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    And also at, http://www.completethecircuit.com/360pro/


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