• 'All-In' for Fitness: Using a Deck of Cards to Keep You Fit

    Fitness & Wellness • By Gabe Norwood • 01/01/2017 • 0 comments

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    My basketball career has taken me all over the world. Other than the two places I call home (the United States and the Philippines), I've been blessed to travel through Asia, Europe and parts of the Middle East, all by the direction of a game.


    One common thing that I've found throughout my travels is that there is no telling what kind of facilities will be available at a place of lodging, particularly a weight room. 


    But here is a great alternative that I learned from a teammate during a one of my many trips:


    - Get a deck of cards. (Almost always available at a hotel gift shop or a nearby convenient store.) 

    - Clear out some space in your room or even use the hallway.

    - Designate each suit to a specific exercise. (i.e. Hearts = Push Ups, Diamonds = Crunches, Spades = Jumping Jacks, Clubs = Burpe)

    - If you're doing the workout by yourself, decide how many times you want to go through the 52-card deck; 54 if you use the two jokers.

    - Personally, I like going through the deck three times, flipping every other card (26 or 27 exercise per set, depending on if the jokers are there) 


    Now let's get started:


    - Shuffle the deck well! 

    - Go through every other card and do the corresponding exercise for the suit and the repetitions are based on the number on the card.  (i.e. 9 of Diamonds = 9 crunches)

    - Make your way through deck. If the deck is shuffled well from the beginning, there is no telling what combination of exercises will be demanded of you.


    * Note -- face cards (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) are all 15.


    ** If you are using the Jokers, use that as a timed max-out set for whatever previous exercise was flipped over, usually 30-seconds.


        (i.e. 5 of Spades = 5 Jumping Jacks; then a Joker is turned over, one would have to do 30-seconds of Jumping Jacks before getting to the next exercise)


    Hopefully, this was all easy to follow, and a "Card Workout" can fulfill that need for a quick fitness kick. I know this is set as a travel workout, but something like this can be done at home and, depending on your job, maybe even at the office.


    So, keep a deck of cards on you and be ready to stay fit!

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