• Best Gyms in Manila That You Don’t Know About Yet

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    Every summer, I’m pretty sure all of us have that itch to head to the gym and improve our bodies, especially as we plan trips to the beach and bring out our body-revealing swimsuits.


    I‘ve been a gym rat for quite a while, exploring many of fitness facilities and trying all kinds of sports, which gave me a good idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.


    For sure, a lot of us already know of gyms and studios in the city. There are yoga, pilates, dance and cycling studios everywhere, commercial gym franchises popping up left and right. Manila alone has a lot of fitness facilities to offer, but there are some of us who are still in search of something special -- places that provide an environment suited for our lifestyle, personalities and body goals.


    In case you don’t know yet, here are fitness centers in Metro Manila that you should check out:



    1. The Upper Deck Gym (Ortigas, Pasig)


    Instagram @theupperdeckph


    Located at the heart of Pasig City, this fitness facility has everything you need. The Upper Deck Gym boasts of top-of-the-line gym equipment. This is perfect for the fitness freak who wants to try out a lot of things. The facility has basketball and badminton courts, yoga and spinning studios (they even have capoeira classes), a boxing gym, a spa, and a sports bar, yes you heard me, a sports bar!!! There are a lot of restaurants surrounding the area as well, so you don’t have to battle with traffic.



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    Photo: @theupperdeckph @projectsexystrong



    2. Sterling Gym (Banawe and Timog, Quezon City)


    Instagram @sterlinggym



    These two gyms are perfect for the low-key fitness buff who just wants to workout. This place doesn’t have hotel-like bathrooms and lounge areas, basically everything is kept simple. However, I can assure you that their equipment is very, very specific. The fitness geek will truly appreciate this because the gym has enough machines that let you target every muscle part possible. The place has, by far, one of the best and complete gym equipment. 



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    Photo: @sterlinggym



    3. Maic’s Gym (Marikina City)


    Instagram @maicsgym720


    If you live in the east part of Metro Manila, and you’re looking for a gym that’s not located inside a mall or congested area, Maic’s Gym is perfect for you. This gym also has highly specialized gym equipment, which can help you take your fitness on a different level. If you get tired of cardio machines and weights, that’s totally fine because the gym has a lot more to offer!



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    Photo: Maic Mariano @juana.francessca



     4. Eclipse gym (Mabini, Shaw)



    If you live near the Mabini or Shaw Boulevard area and are looking for a bakal gym that's open 24-hours a day, and if you want to be surrounded just by people who are serious about their workouts, this place is perfect for you. Eclipse gym is the hardcore fitness buff's heaven. It's all about pumping iron, and you can feel the burn after your working because you'll be sweating a ton. Wanna be badass then you better check this place out.



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    Photo: @eclipsegym247 instagram



    5. Movement Manila (SM Jazz Makati)


    True to it's name, Movement Manila is a fitness facility that hones your skills like an athlete, which is located at the heart of hustling and busy Makati. So, if your office is located in the area, no need to drive far to get your sweat on. The gym is run by coaches of professional athletes, so this guarantees that every minute of your workout will end you up feeling like a pro!   




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    Photo: @kotshulyo @movementmnl






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