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    No matter if you're an elite athlete or a novice junkie, the quality of equipment available can help you reach your goals in the most efficient way. Barbells, jump ropes, ab rollers and more all serve their individual purposes. But many look over an essential piece of equipment that could prevent injury and assist in maximizing performance...your shoes. 


    Depending on your specific outlet of exercise, certain pieces of footwear may suit you best. When it comes to weight lifting, agility and mobility training, along with running one shoe comes to mind. Nike's Metcon 1 (and 2) are cross-training shoes which embody every aspect needed for a great workout shoe. 




     Nike Metcon series available here, Nike.com (worldwide) or Nike stores in the Philippines. 



    Metcon 2

    Photo: Nike


    The Metcon series has proved to be a great overall workout shoe.



    Visually appealing to the eye, light without many restrictions in regards to mobility and sturdy enough to stand strong during a variety of workouts, the Metcon's rank at the top of my list of training shoes.  


    Basketball being my most common fitness activity, has brought me across numbers of different shoe styles. But one "old-faithful" has not only been comfortable and appealing to the eye, but also very durable and dependable in preventing any unwanted tweaks or sprains in my career. Originally released in 1994, the Air Jordan has proven to be my favorite hoop shoe of all time. Not to mention it's sentimental value as the for pair of "J's" I ever remember receiving.



    IMG 9719

    For me The Air Jordan 10's are a must, no matter the color-way.



    Remastered and re-released in various color-ways, the demand for the 10's haven't slowed down since hitting the market. The traction and grip on the shoe give you a shoe that is ready to fresh out of the box and also holds up over time. Good-looking, durable and comfortable -- the 10's are always worth a try when your looking to get a game in.


    But these are simply my suggestions. No matter your fitness platform, make sure to do your research and find the shoe that works for you. It may seem like a minor step in your equipment search but it is one that could prevent injury and also provide that extra push to help you reach your fitness goals.  


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