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    Love month is almost coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean lovebirds will run out of things to do together. Getting into fitness is always a great venture for couples as it can motivate both to live a healthier lifestyle. Plus, we are also easing our way into summer so, why not? Here are a couple of moves that will give you some inspiration to get you and Bae moving!



    1. Squat Together 



    IMG 1792 2



    A couple that squats together, burns fat together! LOL. Doing squats alone is such a great workout that torches calories to the max and works all body parts. If this is something you enjoy doing together, you can enroll in a gym or fitness facility. There are so many workout programs that include squats, from powerlifting, bodybuilding, plyometrics, and so much more!



    2. Tree Pose 



    IMG 1794 2



    The tree pose is something that you normally encounter when you join a yoga class. For couples who want to experience exercising the body and the soul, then yoga is the best option for you. Yoga can improve your concentration, take away stress, make you leaner, and more flexible. If you and Bae also want to destress, yoga is the way to go.



    3. Double Boat Stationary V-Ups



    IMG 1799 2



    If you wanna build better connection with Bae then it’s time to really get into fitness couple goals! Instagram has so many couple workouts that you can do even at home!


    Best hashtags are:

    #fitcouples #fitcouplegoals #swolemate



    4. Hanging Crunches 



    IMG 1803 2



    And you and Bae will never run out of ideas!


    Huge thank you to fellow Cluster contributor, Graham Caygill, of Men’s Interest, for being such a sport and pretending to be Bae for this shoot!


    Remember! Consistency is key!

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