• Gym Etiquette: People Will Love You For It

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    Whether it’s a gym, yoga studio, crossfit box or spinning class studio, one must not sh*t where they work.


    I’ve attended classes and workouts from different types of facilities, and I must say, it really is such a big disadvantage when the people around you don’t take care or respect the place. Everyone in a fitness facility pays the same fee for every class, walk-in, monthly or yearly membership. So, I think it is just best for you to observe these simple rules so that you and other people can enjoy your workout.


    These are actually just basic do’s and don’ts. Since we forget them most of the time, here I am reminding you:


    1) Keep your area clean at all times! After borrowing a yoga mat or bench when you lift weights, make sure to clean it. Don’t just leave with your sweat on it! Imagine if someone else does that to you. Gross right? Make sure to throw your trash, most especially water bottles; don’t leave them scattered all over the facility because it will encourage other people that it’s ok to do that. Based from my own experience, I get peeved when I enter the ladies’ locker room and find lots of used shampoo or conditioner sachets on the floor of the shower area. Please be considerate to the next user. 



    IMG 8693



    2) Do not hangout too long in a facility. Most especially when you’ll end up disrupting the next workout or class. Some dudes or gals love to take their time tinkering with their phones while sitting down on a weighted machine, without thinking that other people will use it. Some people also love to lie down on mats when they’re just checking Instagram or Facebook. Hello people, there’s a place for those things right? 




    IMG 8694



    3) Do what you need to do, that’s it. Ok, you hear people grunt, breathe heavily while exercising. Stuff like that is actually OK, especially if what you’re doing requires a lot of effort. But, you don’t have to talk TOO loudly, intentionally bang the weights on the floor, because you just need to focus on your workout without trying to catch everyone’s attention by doing something unnecessary. 


    IMG 8695
    4) Do not disturb other people in the middle of a workout. Do not talk to someone while he or she is holding a yoga pose, running on a treadmill or performing repetitions on a heavy dumbbell exercise. I’ve seen people poke someone in the middle of a heavy squat set just because that person wanted to have a conversation. If that person gets injured or fails to exert best effort, that’s because of you.



    So there you go. This is just a friendly reminder to take care of every facility you go to so that other people and YOU can enjoy working on being a fitter, healthier and happier you. :) 

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