• Hacks For Holiday Binge Eating

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    When it's holiday season, it's the perfect time to let go, indulge and forget about losing weight. Because really, don't you want to celebrate without inhibitions?


    However, it is still best to keep in mind that your body needs to recover from all the eating and drinking the day after.


    So, here are sure fire ways that will shield your body from the effects of holiday parties, food, drinks and all.


    Let's start with the most basic:




    This is a no-brainer. Don't kill yourself and do an all nighter one after the other. In case u go partying hardcore know that u can make up for the lost Zzz's and sleep all day after. You dont wanna be feeling like sh*t.



     Nothing beats drinking up and rehydrating after consuming bottles of wine, beer and scotch. I find it best to have a glass of water by your side when drinking alcohol. A sip of booze then sip of water after when you're at a party or gathering.


    CLA (Linoleic Acid)

    This is a natural component found in food, that can stimulate fat metabolism and lean muscle development (This won't make you big, ladies). Best to take after meals. I find this helps in debloating too. Check them out at www.wheykingsupplements.com




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    Dandelion Tea

     This is better known for liver protection and bile production. Since it aids in better digestion, fat loss is a great side effect. I get mine from Healthy Options.




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    SAUNA or Steam Baths:

    Yup, you heard me. Sauna baths can help in releasing all the toxins in your body. Rehydrate first before you get into the steam room. A good 15-30 minutes is good. If you can't stay inside for too long. Try it for 5 mins, step out for 1 minute then go back in until you finish 15 to 30 minutes.




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    Apple Cider

    1 teaspoon (pure or diluted in a glass of water) consumed after eating makes Apple Cider a powerful detox method.



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    So hope this helps!!!  Enjoy the holidays!!!!! Time to Party!



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