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    When you’re in the Philippines, let's face it: it’s so hard maintain healthy eating habits. Everywhere you go there’s a vendor on the street selling fish balls, balut, isaw or anything that could potentially give you a heart attack. Fastfood also seems to be a quick fix to satisfy your hunger because it is so accessible here. If there’s nowhere else to eat, there’s McDonalds and Jollibee!


    With the uprise of the health and fitness trend, more individuals plunge into wanting a healthy lifestyle. Whether they will be in it consistently for the long haul or not, men and women try to be fit more because society, especially social media, places high regard on people who have beautiful and strong physiques. Don’t you ever wonder why athletes and fitness models on instagram have so many followers?


    Over the years, I noticed that there are more fitness centers or gyms compared to 5 years ago. Now, Pinoys are also becoming more conscious of what they eat. However, you have to be a bit resourceful and be a bit of a foodie (like me) to know where to dine out while keeping a healthy diet. That is because the trend of healthy eating is still at its infancy here in the Philippines.


    So, here are my first 5 restaurant picks:


    (Please note that I’m posting screenshots of their instagram pages so you can follow them and you get inspired to eat healthy.)


    Juju Eats: I always order their Greek Salad and request for extra chicken. I love their juices too. Oh and you should try their chia pudding -- sweet but guilt-free!

     Screenshot 20160920 174004



    The Wholesome Table: Founded by model and entrepreneur Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, who’s a healthy eater herself, you’re guaranteed that their menu is perfect for the fitness buff in you. I always order their power bowls when I’m too busy to prep a meal and bring food when I go out.



    Screenshot 20160920 174031 


    Luna Specialty Coffee: They have the best egg omelettes! It’s my fave pre-workout meal and I pair it with their kapeng barako.


    Screenshot 20160920 174046 

    Green Pastures: I grab one of their cold-pressed elixirs when I’m hungover from the night before. Haha! It’s better than taking aspirin that could mess up your liver. I love their faux rice dishes (cauliflower rice) -– just to add variety into my diet, I can’t eat rice and sweet potatoes all the time you know!



    Screenshot 20160920 174133

    Runner’s Kitchen: If you live in Quezon City and after a beast mode gym sesh you get sore the next day, try their marikit drink. It’s made with ginger, carrot and pineapple: these ingredients are anti-inflammatory! If you’re a chicken-breast-eating health buff, they have tasty dishes you can try…or SHOULD try!:)


    Screenshot 20160920 174201


    So that’s it for now guys, I’m excited to go around the metro to explore more healthy places to eat and I’ll definitely share it to you! And whenever I eat at home, I also meal prep and you can check my instagram @projectsexystrong and snapchat: @sel_guevara because I post a lot of my recipes there!


    Also take note, healthy food is also delicious and you’ll appreciate the benefits.


    ‘Til next time!


    - Wonderwoman Sel G.

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