• How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

    Fitness & Wellness • By Jake Letts • 04/04/2017 • 0 comments


    Each morning stick to a strict routine to ensure you start everyday motivated and ready for the day ahead. Whether you are an athlete or not, below are my 6 recommendations to start a healthy lifestyle.


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    1) Gym Membership


    I know it can be expensive, however if you can afford it, I highly recommend it. My recommendation, Fitness First at SM Aura have the best facilities and you can maximize everything it has to offer. Top of the line equipment, spectacular changing rooms including hot water, a set of fresh towels, deoderant, hair dryers, a steam room, a 25M indoor swimming pool and better yet, free coffee and tea. Great facilities can be used as motivation to get yourself out of bed, and into a workout.



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    2) Electric Shaker and Blender


    I have learned I am always on the move early, and I find stopping for breakfast can slow you down. The best way to have a healthy start, prior to a meal, is to have a light protein shake before a workout. This way your body has enough energy to withstand an hour in the gym with a balanced intake. A banana, some milk with two scoops of protein does the trick.



    3) Cotton sportswear and comfortable sneakers


    I have found cotton sports attire to be my choice of apparel, purely because it is comfortable on the skin and it can make you sweat more during a work out. When you sweat, you know you have put the work in. A comfortable set of trainers allows for mobility and stability.



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    4) Wireless headphones


    Having music is a non-negiotable during a workout, it keeps you focused and eliminates any distractions. Having a wireless set of headphones has changed my work out tremendously. The ability to move freely without any chords is amazing.


    5) Stretching band


    As an athlete, my body has endured a fair share of bumps and bruises. As an active person, your muscles can tend to tighten up. By having a stretching band it can eliminate any tightness in your body to allow for a quicker recovery.


    6) Fitbit


    Having a Fitbit is like having your own digital personal trainer. It offers a workout function, suggests simple and effective training programs, tracks your steps, heartrate, calories burned and updates you on your sleeping patterns. It can even alert you of any important phone calls and text messages during your workout. For me the best function is the digital stopwatch and timer to ensure you finish your work out on time.


    Win the day, start with a fitness routine each morning.