• Iconic Women: Their Best “LOVE YOURSELF” Moments

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    Women’s Month is all about celebrating, well, women. We remember their successes and trials over the course of history and, as a woman myself I am so proud that a lot of us achieved so many things in different fields.


    As an empowered woman, being confident in your skin and loving yourself is one important thing to have. No one’s perfect. Even those women who try their best to take good care of their bodies still have imperfections. And more often that not, women suffer from a lot of body shaming more than men do.  


    Here are the most memorable moments when iconic women kicked assed and proved body shamers wrong:




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    Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk


    Who doesn’t remember her most recent Superbowl Halftime performance? From the gimmicks, to her voice, the dance number and her costumes, they were nothing but FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC! And when you’re too awesome sometimes people put you down. Trolls on social media tried to criticize Gaga for her “gut.” But because she’s Mother Monster, y’all know she’s got a million monsters to back her up.





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    We all love Carrie Fisher! Best known for her role as Princess Leia in Starwars, the Hollywood legend got criticized for her body “not aging gracefully” when she reprised her role as General Organa in the sequels. However, the Princess proved to us that even if a woman’s body can no longer defy gravity, for as long as she gets to enjoy life through that body, her body, that’s what makes it beautiful. 



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    Photo Credit: washingtonpost.com


    Michelle Obama is the ultimate #lifepeg. She’s GOALS AF. We all love her work as the Former First Lady of America, and she’s an empowered women. One of the best role models. Period. Plus, don’t you just love that she’s such a big advocate of fitness?


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    Photo Credit: www.vox.com


    Ok, here’s another one. Michelle Obama and her advocacy to fight obesity. This is perhaps one of the best moments in health and fitness. Critics may claim that nothing changed after the campaign because obesity is hard to battle, but Obama spoke of change for those who had no voice loud enough to cry for help.






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    Photo Credit: rappler.com, gmanetwork.com


    This I’d say is one of my favorite women empowerment moments on social media. After winning the top spot in FHM’s sexiest 100 list, Jessy Mendiola went through a lot of body shaming for being curvy. Her response on instagram, was the BEST.


    Plus the fact that Lea Salonga and Pia Wurtzbach backed her up, makes it all the more so badass.


    You go girls!

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