• Improve Your Holiday Grocery Shopping

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    ‘Tis the season to be hungry, fa la la la la, la la la la!!!


    Hello everyone! I’m pretty sure everyone is busy preparing for the holiday season, and with that comes deciding what to feast on each occasion. Usually, we all have the tendency to not think so much about what we put in our mouths come Christmas time, because we know that we will be saved by our “New Year’s Resolution.” So we set our minds to binge, and go all out.


    However I do believe that you can still enjoy the holidays making healthy choices the same way you would otherwise. It’s just about finding alternatives to your usual Christmas dishes. To make that possible, you have to keep a few things in mind.


    Now we head on to the grocery store.


    First, make sure that you do not come in hungry. It’s always better to do groceries with a full stomach. That way, your cravings won’t translate so much into the stuff that you pick out from each section of the grocery store.


    I also find it helpful when you avoid watching cooking shows before going to the grocery store. Sometimes, watching cooking shows just gets you too excited and a little bit too creative. Have a balance of what you know is more healthy and delicious and what is gonna add some spice to your holiday menu.


    If you are going to have a fried dish, it’s best to use extra virgin olive oil. Now, why olive oil? Cooking with olive oil is your safest bet when it comes to not adding extra carbs on your dish. Plus, it’s a good source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is good for supporting cardiovascular health and is a powerful antioxidant. Make sure you get Olive Oil packaged in a non-stick cooking spray bottle, so it’s much easier to control the amount that you put in your pan. You don’t need so much anyway.



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    Adding taste to your meals can be a bit tricky too. When you want flavor, sodium levels are hard to control. Opt for the healthier ones. When it comes to salt, Sea salt and Himalayan Pink salt are your best bets. They may be a bit pricier than regular salt, but at least you’re guaranteed that it is not processed.



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    And when you pick spices, always check the label to see if it has low or no sodium. There are a lot of variants in the market nowadays, so you won’t have a problem choosing something that will suit your needs.



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    Lastly, desserts will be overflowing this Christmas season. So much cakes , and sweets that will make a sweet tooth like me go crazy. I know the long term effects of eating too much sugary fruits, and in case I cannot resist the urge, I go for the lesser evil. Stock some fruits inside your freezer because frozen fruits can save you from eating too much cakes or ice cream.  Although fruits may also carry potent amounts of sugar, at least it can save you from taking in too much dairy, fats, and preservatives.



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    So there you go, I hope you develop a good habit of enjoying the holidays and at the same time, being mindful of your health. Good health is the best gift that you can ever give to yourself. God Bless!

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