• Mizuno Wave Rider 20 : Running With The Waves

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    As Mizuno celebrates their 20th anniversary, they also come up with another innovation that is set to take the running scene by storm. 


    Last February, Mizuno recently launched their newest running shoe, the Wave Rider 20. The latest version of the Wave Rider promises comfort and top notch performance, and the only way to know if a product stays true to it’s promise is to test it yourself.


    During the Mizuno Product Launch of the Wave Rider at the Mall of Asia, a couple of athletes from different sports including myself were gathered in that event to perform skills and workouts while wearing the Wave Rider 20. 




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    We did A LOT of running. From jogging to sprints to high knee laps by the bay area near SM Mall of Asia, even walking up and down the mall's stairs and escalators. We also took a selfie with the Mizuno Mascot! 


    After the drills we gathered back to the store to give our feedback about the new product.


    Triathletes, runners and fitness enthusiasts who’ve worn the older versions of the Wave Rider claim that the latest version provides better cushioning, good for people who experience aches and pains on the soles of their feet while running. Athletes who are flat-flooted or high arched share the same opinion about the product.


    As for me, a first time Mizuno shoe owner, I think that the shoes are very light on the feet and provide a lot of stability. My feet are high arched so I kinda like that it has that. Honestly, you won’t be so impressed right away during the first time you wear the shoe. But once you break it in after 2-3 times working out wearing the Wave Rider 20, the shoes start to feel really really comfortable.


    Running isn’t really my main workout, as you all know I do have a holistic workout regimen that includes exercises like running to weightlifting, but I like wearing this shoe everytime I do plyometric exercises or cardio.


    I can move better with fuller range of motions sans the fear I’ll lose my balance. 


    How can you not love a shoe that feels light but lets you go beastmode?



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