• My Story: How I Got Into Fitness

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    Hello Cluster readers! My name is Sel and I love being fit. Before I start talking about fitness, let me tell you a short story about how I got into it, and why I am so obsessed with it. Just so you won’t think that I’m just some random person talking about it.


    Just like most fitness freaks, I grew up loving sports, from when I was 3 years old until now. I explored a lot of disciplines like softball, basketball, track and field, badminton, gymnastics, cheerleading, dance (from ballet to hip-hop), running, plyometrics, weightlifting, powerlifting, kettlebell training – name it you got it! I was active but never had strong healthy eating habits. My body weight was also fluctuating like crazy!


    IMG 2982


    Obviously, there were good days -- and the bad days.


    Fast forward to graduating from college, that’s where the struggle really got real. I wasn’t part of any varsity team anymore. I wasn’t obliged to train regularly, so I had to rely on how strong my will was to keep exercising a part of my daily routine. Like everyone else, I struggled with wanting to eat only junk food. There was a time I never dared to eat salad or fresh produce. I loved fast-food. I used to eat fast food three times a day. I never drank water, soda and iced tea, yes! Eight glasses of sugary drinks a day. I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, I was drinking a lot! From beer to scotch, tequila, wine. Man, I was outta control! I would also workout everyday, and then come the following week I stayed home couch-potato-ing with a tub of ice cream watching my favorite TV series.


    It wasn’t an easy road I tell you, but I had fun. Now I laugh at myself for remembering how I complained a lot just after one workout. And I wonder why the hell I didn’t get the results I wanted without even thinking that my unhealthy habits were making things hard for me.


    Honestly, I wanted a body that looks something like this:


    IMG 1052

    Photo: Flexonline



    Isn’t she f-ing gorgeous?


    To get that kind of body, I tried doing all sorts of things such as plyometrics, kettlebell training, hiit, IIFYM diet, an all-salad diet, etc. But I couldn’t seem to get things going.


    Out of frustration, I started joining commercial fitness competitions to really push me to become more disciplined. Then, it was perfect timing around that time late last year, my old friend from high school, an amateur bodybuilding athlete, taught me how to train consistently following a program with a good mix of lifting weights, cardio and yoga. She taught me to eat healthy as well. I never won any award during my first competition, and it didn’t matter to me because they weren’t really as prestigious as the professional or amateur fitness competitions. What’s more important was that I ingrained these healthy habits into my life and, six months deep into the program, my improvements were huge. And it doesn’t stop there.   


    IMG 43


    As I am writing this article, I am currently keeping on with my training and healthy eating habits, while studying to become a certified fitness coach. Who knows maybe down the road I’ll be a professional athlete? Or a Jillian Michaels? Well, for now, here in my little corner, I’d like to share with you some tips and secrets that made me very happy and satisfied about my body.

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